Snorkelling, Stingrays, Seals, Surfing and more..

kayaking group

See the stingray in the bay stingray

What a great location we are at for our year 8 camp, in the beautiful, layback Apollo Bay township. Accommodation is at the ecofriendly Beachfront YHA – a magnificient building that is less than three years of age.

Students have settled in well, and despite the heatwave affecting the rest of the state, temperatures here have been a pleasant 27 degrees or so.


The VLine bus brought us via the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay stopping at the Bay of Islands, London Bridge, Lochard Gorge and Twelve Apostles. This gave us some early photo opportunities to catch scenic attractions. At midday, we arrived in Apollo Bay.


  • snorkelling on a reef, where a huge stingray was sighted. Students were soon relocated on the sheltered side of the harbour, where the water was crystal clear. Fish, starfish and other sea living creatures were all spotted.
Out into the seaside mist of Marengo Bay

Out into the seaside mist of Marengo Bay

  • Kayaking in Marengo Bay. Students were paired up to use kayaks to work their way to another reef, where a colony of seals swam with them and their kayaks. The rumours are that one seal was as big as a cow! Only one kayak capsized and the two boys were soon back in their kayak. Students returned to the beach area with many exciting tales!

  • Surfing was the final activity of the day – one many of the students thought was the best. It was great to see some students master a short kneel or actually stand ing on the board!
  • three girls surfing on the beach

After a bbq tea, it was back to the wharf for some fishing. The boys were keen to catch squid. However, they were not to be found. Instead there was a huge stingray swimming around and an octopus caught on the rod. It was soon sent back to its home in the sea.

See the octopus that was returned to its seaside home. octopus at the jetty