Students talking about our school

On Wednesday 26th May 2010, we had our Open Day for prospective student enrolments for 2011. Below is a voicethread, made by some of the students in years 6 and 7, about life in our school. I found the student comments to be extremely informative and interesting. It was fabulous to hear about the things that matter to the students. Obviously they appreciate the little things like having an increased choice of menu in the canteen, new furniture, individual netbook computers and teachers modifying work to suit all abilities, as real strengths of our school.

Australian Animals for our Friends in Guadeloupe


The year 6 students made this voicethread in response to questions from our partner school in Guadeloupe, in the French Carribean. The French speaking students found our Australian animals to be quite strange and asked us to explain about a few of them. As a group project, we uploaded these photos from Flickr and created this slideshow. Hope you enjoy it too.