Students Leaders for the Ultranet

On Tuesday, April 17th, a group of 17 students were trained as leaders in the use of the Ultranet. These students came from year five through to year 9. Nigel Holloway, our Barwon South West ultranet coach, capably led them through the following:-

  1. explore what it means to be a leader
  2. learn about Ultranet functionality
  3. learn where to go to find Ultranet support materials
  4. engage in action planning for how they will effectively use the Ultranet in their schools.

Students spent their time productively during this full day workshop. On Wednesday, they were able to help their fellow class members with their ultranet space. These students were part of the leadership training:-

  • Year 5: Chelsea A, Caitlin M
  • Year 6: Hailey K, Kailyn, Jess S
  • Year 7: Tate G, Alannah G, Kirsty H, Matt R
  • Year 8: Jade M, Kaylee, Jobe H, Ruby F
  • Year 9: Emma H, Leah D
Thank you to these students for taking up this challenge!

Logging onto the Ultranet

Welcome students to the Ultranet. You will receive a letter with your new username and a temporary password. You will need to:-

  • goto the IDAM website
  • change the password
  • choose a security question and remember the answer
  • choose a PIN

In case you forget your password, please fill in the details on the form below and we can help you if you forget your other details. Thanks!

Launch of the Ultranet


Monday was the official launch of the Ultranet – an online package which will offer exciting new ways and means of connecting, communicating and creating for students, teachers, parents and community members across government schools in the State of Victoria. Unfortunately, the ultranet failed to load at our school. Fortunately, a mix of activities had been organised, so that staff were able to break up into smaller groups and look at a number of online tools and technological hardware that might be used to empower student learning. These tools can then be adapted and used within the ultranet. A special thanks must go to Mrs Britt Gow for the many weeks of work that she put into organising this event.
The following sessions were offered and organised by the following staff:-
• Ultranet spaces/wikis – Mrs Gow
• Blogging/Podcasting- Mrs Mirtschin
• iPods for Learning – Mrs Matters
• Working with Images – Ms Regan/Ms Lee
• All things google – Mr Brodzik
• Express grade online software – Ms Vize
Although it was disappointing not to be able to logon to the ultranet, staff spent a productive day. Thanks to all involved.