Thanks from the Phillipines

An online colleague, Rox Cossico, who has connected his class with our classes on a number of occasions, read a recent post on our school blog re the drive for toothbrushes, toothpaste and soaps and made a comment thanking us all. He has since sent this message in an email:

Thank you to all your faculty, students and parents for helping our country. We appreciate it very much. Millions more are livng in miserable situation. A month after the typhoon most foreign workers who came to our rescue have already left. Our very own government does not have enough resources to help our own people so whatever it is that you give save lives on a day to day basis. Thank you so much. We cannnot repay you for your help. The only thing Filipinos have in abundance right now is our talent to express our thanks. I'msharing you several videos to show our appreciation.