2015 Investiture Ceremony

Mr Bob Handby (left) with Senior College Captains.

Last Wednesday we conducted the school investiture ceremony to recognise our school leaders. Mr Bob Handby, Victorian State Finalist Senior Australian of the Year in 2011, with 25 years in the Red Cross, gave us an insight into what it means to be a good leader, with examples from his experiences in disaster zones across the world.

Senior College Captains: Nick Hausler and Leah Drendel

Senior Vice Captains: James Gow and Stephanie Tanner

Junior College Captains: Charlie Edney and Destiny Kelly

Spring House Captains: Aaron Seabrook and Chris Gurney (Vice) Shiloh Capuano and Leah Drendel (Vice) Emily Gordon and Fletcher Cozens (Juniors)

Mitchell House Captains: Lachlan Tanner and James Gow (Vice) Carly Watson and Che Johnson (Vice) Angela Sanders and Alexandra Lewis (Juniors)

Bus Captains: (Broadwater) James Cassidy, Jobe Hollard, Carly Watson (Koroit) Tamiko Walter-Stones, Kiri Barber, Tayla Love (Macarthur) Aaron Dyson, Leah Drendel, Sarah Herring, Stephanie Tanner (Minjah) Kaylee Beard, Sam Bruce, Shilo Capuano (Penshurst) Rubylee Fuss, Daniel Rentsch, Matthew Rentsch

Student Leadership Group: (Year 6) Charlie Edney, Destiny Kelly, Ashleigh Mansell, Zahli Adams (Year 7) Kiara Esh, Milla Fuss, Emersen Fuss (Year 8) Kailyn Edney, Dharma Bailey (Year 9) Sophie Hines, Harrison Cozens, Hayley Keane (Year 10) Sarah Cassidy, Nikki Milgate, Peter Amess (Year 11) Jobe Hollard, Elektra Scholtz-Talbot, Sam Bruce and Tayla Love.

Beacon Foundation: Nikki Milgate, Toby Bruce, Isaac Walker, Sarah Cassidy, Kirsty Hausler, Alannah Gow, Matthew Rentsch.



Students get a World Vision

Robert Waddell

Robert Waddell, Managing Director of World Vision.

This weeek, year 9 students had the opportunity to hear from Robert Waddell, who spoke about the GFC – Global Food Crisis. He told the stories of two teenagers and contrasted their lives and showed several video clips of children living in poverty in developing countries. Students were asked to identify the thing that three objects had in common – a block of Cadbury chocolate, a pair of sequin-encrusted shoes and a finely embroidered bag from India. Each was a consumer item in the western world, produced using child labour in developing countries.

Robert spoke about how World Vision determines which children are supported by their sponsorship program and how students could support the 40-hour famine, to raise funds for children in developing countries. it was a powerful and engaging presentation that demonstrated to students how lucky they have been to be born into a country such as Australia, where they have many choices and have much greater chances of achieving their dreams.

2009 Junior Landcare Victorian Youth Environment Conference

Lorne students

Ten Year 7 students are very excited to be participating in the Junior Landcare Conference in Lorne next week. These students have beeen preparing a presentation for six weeks about the effects of global warming. They have created a 40 minute news, quiz and current affairs program, 50 years into the future, when fresh water is scarce, sea levels are rising, temperatures are increasing, biodiversity is at risk and humans are threatened by their own toxic wastes. The multimedia program includes student-produced advertisements and ‘info-mercials’ as well as a “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-style quiz to test how much the audience have learnt.

Mid-West Complex Athletic Sports

Last Friday, 24th April, students from year 7 to 12 attended the Mid West Complex Athletic Sports, competing against Derrinallum, Mortlake, Lake Bolac and Beaufort secondary schools. It was Hawkesdale’s turn to host the event at Brauerander Park, so we supplied event supervisors, judges, time-keepers, announcers and canteen staff. Despite the wet weather, we had a significant number of students participate and compete successfully. Congratulations to the following students, who won their events and will represent Hawkesdale at the Western Zone Athletics competition at Brauerander Park on Thursday 30th April:
Monique B.,Ben C.,Chloe B.,Chris E., Emily H., Edward H., Melissa J. ,Joe L., Grace L., Taylor M., Courtney M.,Tavish M., Lauren P., Levi N., Charles N., Jayden R., Trent T., George S., Joshua S. and
James N.. Well done and Good Luck for the Zone competition!

Moyne Idols perform at the WEC

A comedy re-mix by two Year 9 girls

Sixteen students from Hawkesdale College performed at the Warrnambool Entertainment Centre on Monday night. An audience of over five hundred people was entertained by dancing, musical acts, singing and even karate and skipping! The Moyne Idol competition is in it’s fifth year, giving students of the Moyne Shire the opportunity to display their many and varied talents. Rebecca ( Year 11 ) was a guest artist and congratulations go to Caitlyn ( Year 8 ) who came runner up in the secondary section. Well done to all our contestants and performers – keep on practising to become more confident and learn how to work the stage to really entertain an audience!

Runner-up in the Secondary section - Moyne Idol 2008

Runner-up in the Secondary section - Moyne Idol 2008

Science Careers Breakfast at RMIT University

RMIT breakfast

Four Year 11 students and Mrs Gow attended the Science Careers Breakfast at RMIT on Tuesday morning. The presentation “Science for the Real World – Everything is Relative” included an opening speech by the Hon. Gavin Jennings, Minister for Climate Change, the Environment and Innovation, Victorian Government. We also heard from industry representatives, recent graduates and current students about the ways in which science impacts on our everyday life. Daniel, Naomi, Alice and Jayne had the opportunity to attend this event due to their interest and potential to study in a science, technology or engineering field.