Cyber Safety Parent Information Evening

A parent information session on cyber bullying was held tonight in the school library. This was organised by  our student welfare staff.  John Keats a Youth Resource Office fromVictoria Police Force talked about cybersafety and keeping our families safe online. He also shared some experiences in his role both as a parent and as a police officer.

A small group of interested parents attended. The potential  positive impact that membership of social networking sites may have for people was emphasised but the dangers of predators and of cyber bullying was also clearly outlined. Time was also spent discussing sexting and the danger of child pornography charges being pursued.

A  video made in the UK, shared the heartbreak of a boy who suffered from cyberbullying.

Parents were encouraged to populate the online space so that they have a basic understanding of what can occur, how to keep their child as safe as possible and to provide a strong, positive online profile. Cybersmart is a valuable site and Am I old enough by Victoria Legal Aid.

When asked, parents stated that they would like to know how to:-

  •  log off
  • delete updates etc
  • use facebook, keep a strong, protected profile
  • block people
  • send a friendship request

Other questions related to setting a code on an iPad, how to use skype, twitter, youtube, moshi monster and minecraft safely. An evening will be conducted soon for parents with a ‘hands on’ component.

What are your concerns? What would you like to know or be shown?