Lest We Forget, Remembrance Day 2013

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month 95 years ago, the First World War was over. Hawkesdale P12 College students from year prep to 11 walked to the Hawkesdale Reflection Space to join members of the community in a commemorative service honouring those who have served us in past wars. Students led the service and wreaths were placed at the memorial space.

Sarah H shared her thoughts on what Remembrance Day means to her:-

Remembrance Day is important to me because it makes us remember that the soldiers have fought and died in war for us, the future generations of Australians. They have fought for us in the hope that we can grow up in a safe environment without war. They continue fighting overseas today to keep war from our shores, so that our country doesn’t become riddled with trenches and war grounds and we can grow up in peace.

Lest we forget!