Students get a World Vision

Robert Waddell

Robert Waddell, Managing Director of World Vision.

This weeek, year 9 students had the opportunity to hear from Robert Waddell, who spoke about the GFC – Global Food Crisis. He told the stories of two teenagers and contrasted their lives and showed several video clips of children living in poverty in developing countries. Students were asked to identify the thing that three objects had in common – a block of Cadbury chocolate, a pair of sequin-encrusted shoes and a finely embroidered bag from India. Each was a consumer item in the western world, produced using child labour in developing countries.

Robert spoke about how World Vision determines which children are supported by their sponsorship program and how students could support the 40-hour famine, to raise funds for children in developing countries. it was a powerful and engaging presentation that demonstrated to students how lucky they have been to be born into a country such as Australia, where they have many choices and have much greater chances of achieving their dreams.