Parent's Club Plum Puddings

Liz and Wendy

Thank-you to all the hard-working volunteers who assisted this year’s Plum Pudding Fundraiser. Over three days of measuring, mixing and boiling, 304 puddings were produced. This has been an annual event over the past 29 years which raises valuable funds for the school. Each traditional cloth-covered pudding weighs 1.5 kg, but to learn the secret recipe you will need to come along and help next year!

Grateful appreciation to the following parents, ex-students, staff and friends: Janice Anderson, Barbara Birthisel, Elaine Day, Leanne Edwards, Cheryl Gardiner, Tracy Gow, Karen Gurney, Wendy and Anna Habel, Jackie Hunter, Gail Johnson, Marlene Johnson, Helen Keegan, Margaret Trotter, Heather McKenry, Brenda Noonan, Lynne, Melissa and Madeline North and Liz Williams.

Parents Victoria Online Conference

PARENTS of primary and secondary students, in all locations, are warmly invited to take part in the third online conference to be held by Parents Victoria. The conference will be held non-stop on the internet from 6am Monday 18 May to midnight Sunday 24 May. No special software is needed, other than an internet-connected computer and a browser. The online discussions will be very easy to join in, and guidelines about how to participate will be provided. You don’t need to be a member of Parents Victoria to take part. Join in for all days, just some days, or even a few hours, depending on your lifestyle and other commitments.

Register online at no cost

The Parents Victoria Online Conference 2009 website will open from 6am on Monday 18 May at: but please register yourself online first at

The conference will feature seven ‘live’ daily online discussions, each of them hosted, for several hours each day, by a member of Parents Victoria or expert staff from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development or the VSCA. Each day will focus on a topic that is currently of concern to parents. An online ‘resource bundle’ of recent online newspaper items related to the day’s topic will also be provided as an optional extra to give you a kick-start on each day’s discussion.

There will also be one continuous week-long online discussion (6am to midnight every day) on the topic: What support do parents need to be active participants in their children’s learning and development?’