Mayors for Peace – Mayor Michael Neoh's visit

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Mayor Michael Neoh, Mayor of the Warrnambool City Council, visited our college this morning to sign the paper work signifying the decision by the Warrnambool City Council, to join the Mayor’s for Peace initiative. Junior school Captains Alannah and Tate, made a short presentation to the Mayor, thanking him and the Councillors, for supporting the student voice at Hawkesdale P12, in sending this strong message to the world, that cities are not targets for nuclear weapons. I would like to express my own appreciation to Mayor Neoh, for taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule, to come and visit the students and convey to them, the importance of the invitation they extended to Council, and the importance the Council placed on this decision. Sincere thanks to Mayor Neoh for his visit.
Below is the presentation the students made to Mayor Neoh.

On behalf of the Hawkesdale P12 College community, we would like to thank you – Mayor Michael Neoh and the Councillors of Warrnambool City Council, for joining the Mayors for Peace project.
This project began in 1982 at the United Nations. The Mayor of Hiroshima came up with an idea to promote the message across the world, that cities wanted the total abolition of nuclear weapons.
This project allows cities all over the world, to work together to support the total abolition of Nuclear weapons.
By all the mayors and communities signing up to the Mayors for Peace project, you are helping us to send the message to world leaders, that no one wants to live in a city or community with the threat of nuclear weapons hanging over us.
I think it’s great that us small children can have such a big effect on our future. In signing up, you have helped make our small voices be heard on a global stage. Thank you for signing up to the mayors for peace project and helping us to get rid of the nuclear weapons

Google Search Stories – Making a difference

Wow, Mrs Gow brought this fabulous web 2.0 tool to my attention. It is called a Google Search Story. The challenge is to tell a story using 7 different google searches. You could give the students a start and an end point, and let them fill the gaps, to tell a story. Quite a challenge and LOADS of fun. Check out my story and then follow the links to create your own. I can’t wait to get my students to do this.

No Nukes for Hawkesdale

This August 6th and 9th mark the 64th anniversary of the most brutal acts of terrorism upon innocent people; America’s atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The year 6 students are currently writing letters which we are going to send to world leaders, imploring them to abolish nuclear weapons before we have to witness another nuclear explosion, whether it be intentional or accidental. They are also creating digital presentations which we will be posting on our blogs. Watch the video below to see what you can do to make sure Hawkesdale remains Nuclear free.