OzTrees 4 GYS Registration Form

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This form is for delegates from the 2014 “Actions For Earth Global Youth Summit” to enter their details to enable students from Hawkesdale P12 College to plant a tree on your behalf and then contact you with further details about the location and photographs of the trees planted.

Day 7: Universal Studios and Flight Home.

Girls at Universal Studios on Sentosa Island

Girls at Universal Studios on Sentosa Island

After a very active night, Day Seven started with a well earned sleep in, we packed our bags and organized our rooms. After we were all organized we proceeded to the MRT where surprisingly enough none of our tickets caused us hassle. We proceeded to the mono-rail which would take us to Sentosa, the glamorous island that was home to Universal Studios. We all split up into groups and briskly walked to the first ride we saw. There were many rides, one of the best was the “Revenge of the Mummy”. It was an indoor roller coaster that reached high speeds and dramatic twisting and turning. Universal studios has many different sections with different themes which makes it interesting. Once everyone had finished having fun on the exhilarating rides we went through the shops and and got many souvenirs and gifts for not only ourselves but family and friends as well. We left Universal Studios at 4:00pm so that we could arrive at City Beach Resort at 5:00pm. Arriving at the hotel at 5:00pm gave us plenty of time to have a shower and get changed. We left the hotel that we had been staying in for the past week, just a bit before 6:00pm. When we arrived at Changi airport we spent some time looking around and having dinner. At 7:30 we checked in our luggage. For the next few hours we wandered around the airport, amazed at the shopping and scale of the public places.

Day 6: Project Proposals, Awards Ceremony and Conference Closing.

Working on the OzTrees 4 GYS logo

We woke up nice and early, ready for a huge last day of the 2014 Global Youth Conference. When we arrived at the Singapore Science Centre, where the conference was held, we listened to Peter Browne talk about public speaking and the best and most effective way to present our pitches. After the presentation we got into our country groups and practiced our one minute pitch and then presented to all of the delegates. The top six school groups in both the Junior and Senior categories then presented their three-minute pitches to the judges abouth their ideas which will help the environment.

We wanted to plant a tree on Australian soil for every delegate who attended the 2014 Global Youth Summit. Our project, “OzTrees 4 GYS” is to plant a tree to represent each student from the 12 different countries who attended the inaugural Global Youth Summit. There was a junior and senior category, with the audience selecting their favourite ideas with 6 senior and 6 junior teams making it to the finals. We were in the senior category and we made it to the finals. This meant we were required to complete a three minute pitch to extend upon our ideas in order to win over the judges. We were lucky enough to receive 3rd place which is 6 medals, a trophy and 500 Singapore dollars in order to implement our proposed project.

Britt Gow and Melody from the Cambodian Kampong Project

As a group we decided we were well off compared to many of the other schools attending and we already had enough money from sponsors to implement our project, so we decided to donate our prize money to the Cambodian Kampong Project. After we did this we were told that the money we donated was 1.5 million dollars in Cambodia which is enough to build them a brick home.


Indonesian Schools Cultural Performance

The conference ended with performances from most of the attending countries and K-pop dance group (push music). For our performance we acted out famous landmarks in Australia with “We Come From a Land Down Under” playing in the background. It was great to see everyone having fun, with a great end to the conference.

Day 5: Conference excursions and Community Outreach

The world's only man-made off-shore landfill.

We woke up and had our breakfast at the hotel as usual then we got on the buses in our designated groups to head straight from the hotel to our first activities. Depending on what groups each of us were in we visited the Semakau Landfill, an Incineration Plant, Marina Barrage and/or the New Water Desalination Plant.

Semakau landfill

We jumped on the bus for a half an hour bus ride before swapping to a boat for another forty minutes. We when arrived at the landfill we split into groups with one group going straight on the bus to tour around the landfill while the other group went into a room to watch a presentation on how the landfill works. Then the groups swapped over. The Semakau Landfill is located about 8 kilometers south of Singapore, situated amongst the southern islands. Two of these small, shallow islands have been joined together by a membrane providing two halves to the whole system. The incineration plants provide the landfill with rubbish that has been turned into ash and placed in the cells in the first part of the system. The waste from the incineration plant is transported by a barge to the island and then loaded onto tip trucks which fill the cells. As each cell is required, the seawater is pumped out and the cell is filled with incinerated rubbish and compacted.

Tuas South Incineration Plant - turning waste into power

Tuas South Incineration Plant – turning waste into power

Tuas South Incineration Plant
The Tuas South Incineration Plant is a “Waste to Power” Plant, which means that the waste from domestic and municipal sources is transported to the Plant and used as fuel for boiler that is used to create steam and turn a turbine to produce electrical power. The electricity produced is seven times the amount actually used in the plant, while the rest of the power is fed back into the grid. The incineration plant is a very modern and technological solution to waste disposal, using close circuit video cameras to monitor the waste arriving in trucks and lots of automated systems. However, the waste is not separated, so plastics, paper, metal and biodegradable waste are all dumped into the incineration and burnt at temperatures up to 850 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the waste is sterilized to remove any diseases.

Marina Barrage

New Water Desalination Plant

Community Outreach Program at Clementine Apartments


Day 3: Singapore Zoo and Global Youth Summit Opening

Our girls in front of the friendly family of orangutans.

Our girls in front of the friendly family of orangutans.

Singapore Zoo

Today we had an early start. We headed off from the resort after breakfast and caught a fast train towards the singapore zoo, changing trains once and then catching a public bus for the rest of the journey. When we got to the zoo we originally thought that we would have 45 min to look around at all of the animals but as the morning went on we found out that we had another 45min. The Singapore zoo is so beautiful with no fences separating us and the monkeys in the tree. although we didn’t have enough time to do many of the activities that the zoo offered we did things such as having photos sitting directly in front of a family of Orangutans that were eating on a branch and go for a tour on the zoo tram to have a break from all of the walking that we had done. Other highlights of the Zoo were the “show girls” (a flock of flamingoes), the white tigers, Asian elephants and the giraffe. Arron liked the warthogs, naked mole-rats and squirrels!
Mrs Gow arranged for a charter coach to collect us from the Zoo and take us back to the hotel to get ready for the conference, so that we would not be late for the Opening Ceremony.

Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre and GYS Opening

We arrived at the Singapore Science Centre and were escorted through to the air-conditioned marquee, where the conference was to be held. We were served an extensive Asian-style buffet lunch in our re-usable, recyclable, collapsible GYS containers. On the official opening of the inaugural “Actions for Earth – Global Youth Summit” we welcomed Dr Vivian Balakrishnan the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. He discussed the issues facing our world and expressed strongly about the importance of the Youth Summit and how our actions could help to reduce even more global warming. Upon opening we were welcomed by an Australian singer, Ms Corinne Gibbons and Eco Music Challenge winners.

Lunch served by the friendly GYS facilitators

Lunch served by the friendly GYS facilitators

We listened to two motivational speakers who encouraged us to come up with simple but effective ideas that could have the potential to change the world. Again we were served a wide variety of Asian foods that ranged from Singapore noodles to stir-fry. After tea we met with our teams and discussed where we were from and how old we were. They made sure everyone had everything that they needed and talked about what we would be doing the following day. When we left the Science Centre and headed back to the hotel for the night.