Grade 2/3 Global Connections through Voicethreads

Grade 3 have been making some really interesting global connections. Please take time to look at and enjoy the work they are doing:
 Here is a recent letter from a class in Wisconsin:-

Mr. Huglin and Students,
Thank you so much for creating a VoiceThread of “Possum Magic” for my students to watch and listen to. They were so surprised to find out that their Mystery Readers were students their age that lived in Australia! I have the story in our library, so after we listened to your VoiceThread we looked through the book too. We learned a lot about the animals, cities, and foods in your country. It all sounds so interesting and very different from the animals and foods we have here in Wisconsin. Melissa Schurr,  Teacher, St. John Vianney School, Janesville, Wisconsin


 Here are some of the student responses:-

  • Thank you for reading Possum  Magic. I really liked how you read to us. It was really nice of you guys to do that. I really liked the story Possum Magic. I really liked the pictures you guys made. I liked the animals like the kangaroo, the koala bear, and all the other animals.  Love Abigail
  • I   really    liked  the  story.  I  loved   the  illustrations.   I would   love   to  go   to  Australia  some  day.    Thank  you  for  reading   the   story  to  us. Here   in  Wisconsin  we  have  animals  like  bears , cows,  and   robins.   Your friend Ciara
  • We  loved   the story. It was awesome! Thank you! I loved Possum Magic! We love the pictures.   Colin
  • Thank you for reading Possum Magic to us. I really liked the koala bear. I really like the pictures. We have a lot of robins in Wisconsin. Our state flower is the violet. Eli
  • Thank you for reading ‘’Possum Magic’’.  I really liked the kangaroo.  In Wisconsin our state bird is the robin.  In Wisconsin our state animal is the bear.  In Wisconsin our state flower is the violet.  It was really cool for you to show us Australian animals.  Once again thank you. Gabby
  • Thank  you  for  reading  Possum  Magic. I like the koala bear you drew. Our state animal is the Badger.  Another one is  the cow. Love Jackson
  • Thank you for reading Possum Magic to us. I really liked it. You are good artists. It was fun.   My classmates liked it to. The koala bears are cool. So was the kangaroo. And the possum. Some of the animals here are the badger, the deer, and the turkey. Liza
  • Thank you for reading the Possum Magic book. I liked the pictures. Here in the United States we have bald eagles, bears, badgers, and robins. Nathan
  • Thank you for reading Possum Magic. It was a cute story. Mem Fox is a awesome author! Nicole
  • I loved the story you read to us! I love the illustrations too! Do you know just one thing about   Wisconsin? Here I will give you a tip… our state flower is a violet. Olivia

Students also produced a Voicethread on Easter and shared it with their friends in Czech. Their email response is to be found below the voicethread.


Read how Czech celebrate Easter via this email.

Thank you for your email. It´s fine that letters didn´t lose. We have the Easter holiday , too, but only 5 days. There is the spring in our country and many people celebrate Easter as a spring holiday, not ecclesiastic. We bake a special cake similar to the cross buns but bigger, decorate eggs for boys who come to our houses on Easter Monday with carols and hunt girls to whip them by a special Easter rod made of the willow twigs. This custom may give health and force but I don´t like it. I´ve never seen that whipping cured somebody. So we visit our parents and friends, give the chocolate and real decorated eggs to our children and turn away the carollers. 🙂 Ivana