On Russian TV – such an exciting day for our school!

A baby cockatiel

A baby cockatiel

The girls involved in the student summit

The girls involved in the student summit

We had so many exciting activities today, that took us from one end of the earth to the other, and so much in between.

The student summit

Today was such an exciting day for us, and further posts will be written on the separate events, when time permits. First, my girls had their flatclassroomproject student summit online through elluminate. Steve Madsen from Sydney (who did a lot of the administrative work for the project) and Lorraine Leo from Boston, USA joined the classroom with the five year 9 girls involved and and several of their fellow class mates.

The girls reflected on the project and after a nervous start, they soon relaxed and spoke very well of what it meant to them, in a school where

mobile phone service is non-existent, unless you turn the phone upside down, go to selected windows, face the right direction and you may be able to send/receive a message.
monoculture is the norm – just a few NZ students and a couple of Koori (aboriginal students)
is classified rural remote by the Victorian Education Department.
They spoke of the highlights, some of the problems and issues and thanked everyone concerned. Questions were asked of them and they were able to answer them well. The recording of the session can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Virtual classroom with Manila

We were quickly able to link up with Manila, even though we had confused the times and show them some Australian native animals – a blue tongue lizard, a bearded dragon and a baby cockatiel. Thank you to Emalee and her Mum for bringing them in.

Skype videoconference with Russia

Our Russian classmates

The class in Russia

After the success of our previous linkup with Russia of last week, I got a request to bring a kangaroo or an emu into the library so they could see them. Unfortunately, we could not arrange that, so instead we showed a blue tongued lizard, a baby cockatiel and a bearded dragon. However they were excited and we were too, that their local television station came in to televise us and put us on the Russian TV station. I wish we could have seen the coverage. The Russian students, demonstrated some of their national crafts and objects, their wooden dolls Matrioshkas and beautiful ceramics. Next, they surprised us with some younger students, in national costume demonstrating their traditional dances. That was just a wonderful sight to behold. Another treat for us was hearing one of their guitarists play some wonderful Spanish music on his guitar- a very clever 15 year-old musician. Then we exchanged national foods. We saw their pancakes and we, of course showed them our vegemite and anzac biscuits. Soon, the different monies were displayed and they were asking us about our capital, why we had the Queen on our monetary notes etc.