Shortlisted in the Edublog Awards 2010

Staff and students have featured well in both the nominations and the short list for nominations in the Edublog Awards 2010. Congratulations to staff and students on this global acknowledgement. Voting has now commenced. Please support our nominees by following the steps below:-

  1. Find the name of the nominee and link to their website (link below category).
  2. Click on the Award category eg Best Student Blogbest student blog
  3. Please find that name on the edublogs nomination site eg Dhugsy for Best Student Blog

1.  Best student Blog – (link to vote for Dhugsy)

Dhugsy – Dhugan’s blog, Year 11 IT

2.  Best Class Blog – (vote for Technoscience)best class blog

Technoscience – Mrs Gow’s wonderful blog for her science classes

3.  Best Teacher Blog

4.  On an e-Journey with Generation Y – a blog by Mrs Mirtschin, that documents the work done in ICT and Accounting with students at Hawkesdale P12 College and…

4. Best Educational Webinar Series best teacher blog

Tech Talk Tuesdays a weekly online seminar organised by Mrs Mirtschin with the support of the Innovations and Next Practise Virtual Web Conference Centre of DEECD

best webinar series