The !dea 2008 Conference

The !dea 2008 conference is being held at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Hawkesdale P12 College is a finalist in the 2008 IMS GLC Learning Impact awards. There are 11 finalists involved and we are so proud that we are the only school featuring in these national awards. 

Yesterday, we were involved in speed dating. People attending the conference formed small groups and  were rotated around finalists’ booths. We were given 4 mins to speak to our product – our school blog. Conference participants then voted and the judges’ took their votes into consideration.

 Judging was based on the following criteria:-

  • access
  • affordability
  • quality
  • adoption
  • accountability
  • organisational learning
  • interoperability
  • innovation

Here is our  abstract :-

Connecting to the Globe at Hawkesdale P12 College

A blog which was initially seen to be an online journal and writing tool, has gone from being a backyard blog to being fully utilised across the staff, classes and students of Hawkesdale P12 Colleg in rural Western Victoria. The blog initially recorded the evidence of volcanic activity in local backyards, as grade 6 students were producing podcasts for the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre. Our area is now a geopark, Kanawinka, in the Western District of Victoria

This blog became global and encouraged blogging to be taught and used as a communication tool in ICT classes and LOTE The powerful learning outcomes that this has provided, encouraged the majority of staff to blog and manage class blogs. Class blogs for years prep to nine are also maintained.

A container blog, or Hawkesdale p12 College webpage, to manage local, countrywide and global access to these blogs has been set up. Blogs allow pages, post, blogrolls, url links, comments, widgets to be featured and have allowed us to connect, communicate and share with each other, our parents, our community and the globe.