Day 6: Project Proposals, Awards Ceremony and Conference Closing.

Working on the OzTrees 4 GYS logo

We woke up nice and early, ready for a huge last day of the 2014 Global Youth Conference. When we arrived at the Singapore Science Centre, where the conference was held, we listened to Peter Browne talk about public speaking and the best and most effective way to present our pitches. After the presentation we got into our country groups and practiced our one minute pitch and then presented to all of the delegates. The top six school groups in both the Junior and Senior categories then presented their three-minute pitches to the judges abouth their ideas which will help the environment.

We wanted to plant a tree on Australian soil for every delegate who attended the 2014 Global Youth Summit. Our project, “OzTrees 4 GYS” is to plant a tree to represent each student from the 12 different countries who attended the inaugural Global Youth Summit. There was a junior and senior category, with the audience selecting their favourite ideas with 6 senior and 6 junior teams making it to the finals. We were in the senior category and we made it to the finals. This meant we were required to complete a three minute pitch to extend upon our ideas in order to win over the judges. We were lucky enough to receive 3rd place which is 6 medals, a trophy and 500 Singapore dollars in order to implement our proposed project.

Britt Gow and Melody from the Cambodian Kampong Project

As a group we decided we were well off compared to many of the other schools attending and we already had enough money from sponsors to implement our project, so we decided to donate our prize money to the Cambodian Kampong Project. After we did this we were told that the money we donated was 1.5 million dollars in Cambodia which is enough to build them a brick home.


Indonesian Schools Cultural Performance

The conference ended with performances from most of the attending countries and K-pop dance group (push music). For our performance we acted out famous landmarks in Australia with “We Come From a Land Down Under” playing in the background. It was great to see everyone having fun, with a great end to the conference.

2009 Junior Landcare Victorian Youth Environment Conference

Lorne students

Ten Year 7 students are very excited to be participating in the Junior Landcare Conference in Lorne next week. These students have beeen preparing a presentation for six weeks about the effects of global warming. They have created a 40 minute news, quiz and current affairs program, 50 years into the future, when fresh water is scarce, sea levels are rising, temperatures are increasing, biodiversity is at risk and humans are threatened by their own toxic wastes. The multimedia program includes student-produced advertisements and ‘info-mercials’ as well as a “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-style quiz to test how much the audience have learnt.

Parents Victoria Online Conference

PARENTS of primary and secondary students, in all locations, are warmly invited to take part in the third online conference to be held by Parents Victoria. The conference will be held non-stop on the internet from 6am Monday 18 May to midnight Sunday 24 May. No special software is needed, other than an internet-connected computer and a browser. The online discussions will be very easy to join in, and guidelines about how to participate will be provided. You don’t need to be a member of Parents Victoria to take part. Join in for all days, just some days, or even a few hours, depending on your lifestyle and other commitments.

Register online at no cost

The Parents Victoria Online Conference 2009 website will open from 6am on Monday 18 May at: but please register yourself online first at

The conference will feature seven ‘live’ daily online discussions, each of them hosted, for several hours each day, by a member of Parents Victoria or expert staff from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development or the VSCA. Each day will focus on a topic that is currently of concern to parents. An online ‘resource bundle’ of recent online newspaper items related to the day’s topic will also be provided as an optional extra to give you a kick-start on each day’s discussion.

There will also be one continuous week-long online discussion (6am to midnight every day) on the topic: What support do parents need to be active participants in their children’s learning and development?’