Book Presentation by New York author

Last year, a group of 9 students volunteered for weekly lunchtime videoconference linkups with an author from New York to pursue their passion for writing. Each week they were set writing tasks. Their completed tasks were shared online with Chrisopher Herz, a New York author, using evernote. He would then look at their work, give them feedback and set further tasks.

Christophers second novel  was released in December last year. On Thursday, last week, at a special lunchtime ceremony, Christopher ‘beamed’ in from New York, using skype and presented each student with a copy of this novel. (He had posted the books to our school during March.) A big thank you is extended to the parents and teachers who attended the celebration with the students.  This was an exciting  connection and an amazing opportunity to learn from and with an author. It is hoped that lunchtime connections will continue during late term2 and term 3. Any secondary students who wish to improve their writing skills are encouraged to attend.

Thank you so much Christopher for giving up your valuable time to work with our students!

Students with Christopher

The Last Block in Harlem comes to Hawkesdale!

We are excited to welcome Christopher Herz to our school on Friday. Christopher is author of the newly published “Last Block in Harlem” which captures his love of the Block . From the age of 8, Christopher knew that he wanted to write and become an author.

The publishing of his book by Amazon Encore is an amazing story in itself – From Street Selling to Publisher to a Publishing Deal. The intriguing part of this presentation, is that Christopher is in New York and he will skype or videoconference into our school on Friday morning 11:30am our time, which will be late Thursday night his time.  He was kind enough to respond to a tweet seeking an author or writer for our celebrations during Australian  Bookweek – the theme of which is One World – Many Stories and Literacy/Numeracy Week 29th Aug to 4th Sept. He is passionate about inspiring young writers and encouraging them to read and write. Christopher kindly responded to a tweet seeking an author to speak to our students.

my request for authorherzwoods on twitter

Many of our students will be attending the Melbourne Writers Festival the day before. These students will be given the opportunity to hear Christopher talk.

Thanks Christopher for sharing your precious time with us and we look forward to working with you.