Science and Engineering Challenge

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On Friday 8th May twenty Year 10 students, together with Mr Foreman, Mrs Cameron and Mrs Gow, attended the Science and Engineering Challenge at Deakin University in Geelong. This annual event is sponsored by the University of Newcastle, NSW and Rotary Australia together with the Federal Government. Students participated in a range of activities including:

  • The leprechaun cannon – Build compression cannon from plumbing pipe and fittings to knock over a paper leprechaun
  • Who gets the water? – Design a water reticulation system to meet certain criteria
  • The Dish – Decode a cryptic message from “outer space;
  • “Back to the Future” – Design and construct a turbine to propel a train carriage back and forth along railsnormal;
  • “Ecohabitat” – Design and build a model house that collects rainwater, stays cool, withstands wind and supports a helipad.
  • Hover Frenzy – Design and build a manoeuvrable hovercraft from a garbage bag, polystyrene tray, masking tape and balsa wood.
  • Gold Fever – Build a balsa wood bridge that can transport gold ingots across a bottomless ravine.

Students demonstrated persistence, team-work, creativity, resilience and good senses of humour during the day, despite the difficulty of the tasks. Of the nine schools attending (over 300 students), Hawkesdale came a respectable sixth, with some tough competition. The highlight of the day was the bridge ‘testing’, in which each of the balsa wood bridges that had been constructed was tested using weights – 100g, 200g, 300g, 400, 500g, 1kg and the ‘bridge buster’ – a 2kg weight!