Thank a Teacher – Mrs Britt Gow


Mrs Gow has made it through to the finalist stage for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards – one of the Education Department’s highest awards – the Lindsay Thompson Fellowship. The Gala Awards dinner will take place on May 16th at the Crown and the winner will be announced there.

In the meantime, our school and community has been asked to write a tribute to her in the form of notes, images and videos. Some of these will be published on the Dept of Education’s website and some will be featured at the awards dinner.

Please upload your tributes to the Thank a Teacher Tribute page by Tuesday May 6, 2014.


Our first day in Singapore!

Departure from Tullamarine, Melbourne

Departure from Tullamarine, Melbourne

Fresh off the plane, the Hawkesdale VCE Environmental Science students woke up this morning eager for their trip to Malaysia. The day begun with an Asian styled breakfast, giving the students an opportunity to explore a different cuisine. After breakfast everybody hoped on a bus and headed for the Tanjung Bin coal plant in Malaysia. After a long trip and the stops at customs, the students were keen to explore the coal plant.

Tanjung Bin Power Plant in Malaysia

Tanjung Bin Power Plant in Malaysia

When we arrived at the coal plant a big lunch was provided for everybody hosted by warm welcoming staff. The food was luscious and divine, and although many students hadn’t tasted Malaysian food, all enjoyed the lunch. For many the lunch was a highlight, as not only did it fill our stomach, it also gave us a taste Malaysian-styled food. All the staff were very generous and we can not thank them enough for their kindness and willingness to share their knowledge with us.

After lunch we were taken on a tour around the coal plant, getting a insight of how it runs. Before the tour everybody got geared up in helmets, vests, and protective footwear. This was a challenge in itself as many students struggled to find shoes that would fit and many were walking around as if they were in clown shoes. We saw first hand how the coal plant worked by walking around, and taking a bus tour. Along the tour we got to see the boilers and visit the port where the coal is imported. Taking photos at the port was difficult with many of us struggling to keep our eyes open while the photo is being taken.

Safety gear to be worn for a tour of the Power Plant

Safety gear to be worn for a tour of the Power Plant

Once the tour was ended, everybody hoped back on the bus and headed back to Singapore where we enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the waters edge.

Please note this post was added by Anne Mirtschin for Britt Gow who experienced some problems adding the post overseas.

Our Secondary Teacher of the Year – Mrs Britt Gow

Congratulations to our Science/Maths teacher, Mrs Britt Gow, who has just been awarded the Mecu Secondary Teacher of the Year. This award was given at the recent DEECD Victorian Excellence Awards in Melbourne. A proud and excited school participated in a special assembly to congratulate her on her return from Melbourne.

Well done, Britt!