Healthy Breakfast!

All Primary students participated in a Healthy Breakfast celebration at Apex Park on Friday. Parents and teachers provided fresh fruit, pancakes and juice for students. This was part of a state-wide “Walk to School” promotion which was difficult at Hawkesdale, as over 90% of our studuents travel by bus. So instead, we walked to and from Apex Park and enjoyed a healthy breakfast/morning tea.

Science Careers Breakfast at RMIT University

RMIT breakfast

Four Year 11 students and Mrs Gow attended the Science Careers Breakfast at RMIT on Tuesday morning. The presentation “Science for the Real World – Everything is Relative” included an opening speech by the Hon. Gavin Jennings, Minister for Climate Change, the Environment and Innovation, Victorian Government. We also heard from industry representatives, recent graduates and current students about the ways in which science impacts on our everyday life. Daniel, Naomi, Alice and Jayne had the opportunity to attend this event due to their interest and potential to study in a science, technology or engineering field.