Writing Poetry with Libby Hathorn – Bookweek Launch

Grade 6 students enjoyed a videoconference linkup with Libby Hathorn on Monday August 21st  as part of the launch into Book Week. Libby is  an award-winning author of more than fifty books for children and young people. The videoconference was organised by Polycom. Libby came to us from the State Library in NSW.

One of the grade 6 students,  Jess has summarised this experience in the following report:-

Today, grade six had the opportunity to hear an inspirational videoconferencing session with Polycom, with famous author, Libby Hathorn. Students from Shepparton and Lismore, NSW,  grade six students also joined the conference. Libby was at the State Library in NSW.

I loved the way Libby and Pauline also asked us questions, as well as students always asking questions that they had. Libby’s questions were very interactive. It was easier to stay involved when she told us how she expresses herself with nature. Libby let us do short activities and small poems just like hers.

Personally, I love to write, especially like Libby does. I thought that it was an extraordinary session that I’ll never forget.

Below are some comments from the other students:-

  • Caitlyn: Awesome! I thought the writing the poems was fun
  • Travis:   I like listening to Libby and seeing myself on the screen
  • Sarah: It was good and easy
  • Caitlin: It was fun
  • Josh: It was good. I liked writing the poems
  • Sophie: I thought in some ways the poems were interesting but sometimes they were blurry and didn’t make sense to me.
  • Hayley: I thought it was interesting and I learnt lots of new things
  • Jelena: Libby is a cool writer
  • Lachlan: It was good
  • Chloe I thought Libby was cool
  • Edward: It was good. I liked writing the poems
  • Jesse: It was good

The outcome: All students wrote a poem from prompts that Libby gave them