Skype visit with sister school in Beijing

Success for our first Skype link session with sister school in Beijing. Organised by our Chinese Assistant Miss Wang, the session began with prep and year one students from Hawkesdale P12 greeting Beijing students with a song, firstly in English and then in Chinese language.  The session continued with year 7-9 students in Hawkesdale showing students in Beijing a range of things in their everyday lives. They talked about some of our favorite foods such as Vegemite and meat pies with tomato sauce, demonstrated the use of a cricket bat and an Aussie Rules Football and practical items from the farm such as a shearing hand piece. Students in Beijing shared information about their school days, foods, their national animal – the panda and the Spring Festival. They were also interested in Australian native animals and how we celebrate Christmas. This was a very good and valuable experience with Australian students being able to practice their Chinese and Beijing students their English. It also provided the opportunity for Australian students who had recently visited China a chance to meet again with their host student.