Our Secondary Teacher of the Year – Mrs Britt Gow

Congratulations to our Science/Maths teacher, Mrs Britt Gow, who has just been awarded the Mecu Secondary Teacher of the Year. This award was given at the recent DEECD Victorian Excellence Awards in Melbourne. A proud and excited school participated in a special assembly to congratulate her on her return from Melbourne.

Well done, Britt!

Shortlisted in the Edublog Awards 2010

Staff and students have featured well in both the nominations and the short list for nominations in the Edublog Awards 2010. Congratulations to staff and students on this global acknowledgement. Voting has now commenced. Please support our nominees by following the steps below:-

  1. Find the name of the nominee and link to their website (link below category).
  2. Click on the Award category eg Best Student Blogbest student blog
  3. Please find that name on the edublogs nomination site eg Dhugsy for Best Student Blog

1.  Best student Blog – (link to vote for Dhugsy)

Dhugsy – Dhugan’s blog, Year 11 IT

2.  Best Class Blog – (vote for Technoscience)best class blog

Technoscience – Mrs Gow’s wonderful blog for her science classes

3.  Best Teacher Blog

4.  On an e-Journey with Generation Y – a blog by Mrs Mirtschin, that documents the work done in ICT and Accounting with students at Hawkesdale P12 College and…

4. Best Educational Webinar Series best teacher blog

Tech Talk Tuesdays a weekly online seminar organised by Mrs Mirtschin with the support of the Innovations and Next Practise Virtual Web Conference Centre of DEECD

best webinar series

UBS Academy – a great place to spend the holidays!

Studying in a small school, does not prevent our students from experiencing some wonderful opportunities. Here is a great report by one of our year 11 students, Ben M, on his recent attendance at the UBS Academy in Sydney. Thanks Ben and congratulations again on being accepted into this Academy!
The report
In the second week of the holidays, I was one of 22 Victorian students who flew up to Sydney, to take part in the UBS Finance Academy for the week. A total of 50 year 11 students from a range of geographical areas, including Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Gold Coast, Swan Hill, Terang and Coleraine took part in the academy which aimed to give us all an insight as to what it would be like to work in an investment bank like UBS.
Throughout the week we listened to tutorials concerning different career paths. Eg an investment banker. The person who spoke earns $800 and hour, works 16-18 hours a day and is involved in all the mergers and acquisitions between businesses. We learnt how they calculate the value of a business if another company is trying to buy them out. We also learnt a few basic skills and concepts which we later had to demonstrate in our case studies. For the week we stayed at Dunmore Lang College and Macquarie University where we got a taste of what it would be like to live on campus at uni. We also visited the Sydney Art Gallery and the CNBC TV studio. On the last night we had a graduation night in at UBS amongst some of the people who had presented to us during the week. We did a little presentation where we changed the words of the songs ‘tik tok’ and ‘we didn’t start the fire’. ‘We didn’t start the fire’ became ‘we didn’t start the crisis’.The best part of the week was probably the social side and meeting all the different and interesting people there. We all got to know each other fairly quickly and this made the rest of the week together very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend that if an opportunity like this comes up that students take it because it is well worth it.
(Ben M, year 11)

Australia Day Moyne Shire Awards

flags and stickers

Congratulations to our school captain of 2009, Jack Keegan, who has won a Moyne Shire young citizen community award as part of the Moyne Shire Council Australia Day celebrations on January 26th. Jack has been involved in many school and community activities, including the following:-

  •  an awardee of a  gold Duke of Edinburgh medal
  • member of the Moyne Shire Junior  Council
  • Hawkesdale P12 College School Captain 2009
  • Hakwesdale P12 College SRC member
  • School representative at local, district and state level sporting activities
  • Successful member and player for several local sporting clubs
  • Participant in the 444,000 trees project
  • Involvement in the Willatook Hall and Reserve community activities

Congratulations also go to Mrs Julie Bos, from our local Post Office for the Community Award that she also received!

the ceremony

Year 7 Maths

Year 7 students enjoyed the autumn sunshine today as they learnt about the cartesian plane and formed linear equations by each representing a cartesian co-ordinate. Each student represented a number on the x-axis and the class was then given an equation – such as y= x + 1; they then had to work out the y value for their number and move to appropriate point on the cartesian plane. Students could easily recognise if they had the correct value, if they were in line with the other students.

Hawkesdale hosted an Open afternoon and evening this week, which was well attended by current and prospective parents and students. We are very proud of the year 12 school captains, Rebecca Beard and Jack Keegan, as well as all the current year 7 students who spoke about their experiences at Hawkesdale P12 College and what they have enjoyed during their time here. To celebrate Education Week, parents and teachers enjoyed morning tea in the library. We have had a Book Fair in the library this week – many students have written down their wish lists for parents to purchase books, or used their pocket money to add to their reading collections.

Thanks to Steven Stewart and Danny Keane for digging over the vegetable garden to prepare it for some winter plantings. Year 7 and 8 students may be the first to plant broccolli, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

We wish Anne Mirtschin all the best for her trip to Kuala Lumpar this week. Anne departed Thursday to attend the 2009 Microsoft Innovative Teacher’s Awards.