School Leaders

Faces of our School Leaders 2012


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Senior School CaptainsVice senior captains
Junior School Captains
Form CaptainsYear 11

Year 10


Year 8


Year 8 Event Organisers
Year 8 Mentors
Year 7 Administrators
Grade 6 Mentors
Bus Captains
School Council Chris Hines (president), Daniel van Someren (vice-president), Lisa Dwyer, Andrew North, Lyn North, Daker Pern, Teresa Herring, Ros Stewart (co-opted)Staff Reps: Colan Distel, Jeff Keith Frank Huglin, Britt Gow, Tyna Lee, Darren Webb

Pre School Rep:  Rhonda Alderdice

School Captains 2009


Junior School Captains


School Representative Council


Bus Captains

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Staff Leadership Team

School Council

….this space is under construction

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