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Read the latest Facebook Privacy Test from @childnet. (August 2013)


Blogging and online use, is fun and a wonderful learning and sharing activity but you will need to follow these rules:-

Blogging is fun and a wonderful learning and sharing activity. Follow these rules:_

• Think of a username (eg spuddoo) which will be your alias.
• Do not use last names anywhere
• Do not write about any personal information– eg your  phone numbers  or tell anyone where you live.
• Always use your school email address and student code name when registering for websites.
• Keep your password to yourself and do not tell anyone what it is.
• Change your passwords regularly.
• If you do you find something unpleasant, distressing or just feel uncomfortable, tell your teacher, parents or an adult.

Some good materials to be found here, especially for early years students.

Digital Citizenship
• Anyone around the world can see what you write online. Different cultures use different words and may require differeny protocol. What might be an acceptable word here, may offend others! Take care at all times.
• Digital citizenship means we do not ever aim to hurt anyone’s feelings or bully them.
• Never meet anyone you have met on the internet  without asking your parents permission.
• Make sure you publish only your own work. Take your own photos, create your own music.  If you use online images make sure there is a creative commons license or  get written permission from the owner.
• Read over your writing before you post it to check spelling and that it reads well before publishing or commenting.
• It is always good protocol to reply to a person who comments on your blog, by either emailing them back or commenting back on their blog. Conversations can then begin.

Some useful sites

  1. The Australian Government’s Cybersmart Site
  2. Cybersafety

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  2. I like the pictures of the people on the computers and the information about staying safe whilst on games where you may have to give private information.

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