Google Search Stories – Making a difference

Wow, Mrs Gow brought this fabulous web 2.0 tool to my attention. It is called a Google Search Story. The challenge is to tell a story using 7 different google searches. You could give the students a start and an end point, and let them fill the gaps, to tell a story. Quite a challenge and LOADS of fun. Check out my story and then follow the links to create your own. I can’t wait to get my students to do this.

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things – Dare to Achieve!

The video below, is relevant to all our lives. Too often we think we can’t do anything or be anybody, because we are just ordinary people. The people in this video achieved extraordinary things in their lives, because they believed in themselves, had the courage to follow their dreams and ignore the “blockers” who told them it could never be done. At Hawkesdale P12, I hope that we can encourage the “ordinary” kids to become “extraordinary” human beings, who can look back on their school days and think fondly of the teachers who encouraged them to fly. At Hawkesdale P12, our motto is Dare to Achieve – I hope this video and your teachers, inspires you to do just that.

Million pleas – campaign to free our world of nuclear weapons


“We want to make the world’s longest video chain letter.

The video has been started by a group of school children from Hiroshima, Japan and is addressed to the 9 countries still in possession of nuclear weapons. We’re asking people from all over the globe to upload a video clip of themselves saying the word “please”. The “pleases” will then be edited into a long virtual chain letter, which will act as a petition to abolish nuclear weapons, worldwide.

The campaign is an initiative of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons, and is being launched in this the 65th anniversary year of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Please add your voice to the campaign.” visit the million pleas
Watch this video created by the children of Hiroshima

Approximately 160 students, staff and parents, added their voices to the million pleas campaign today. Visit the websites below, to view our pleas to world leaders to free our world of nuclear weapons.