Melbourne Work Experience

work experience

Year 11 students are currently undertaking a two week program of work experience. The majority of students are working in Melbourne. For many this means exposure to a ‘whole new world’! The city is so different to the country. Students have to be able to self navigate themselves to work catching a variety of transportation – trams, trains, buses and walking. They are exposed to many different cultures and types of food. Budgets are limited so keeping their finances in order is a priority and finding healthy but cheaper eats essential!

There are night activities to undertake – exploring the nature of the Melbourne CBD, ice skating, lighting festivals, public gallery walks in the laneways, the movies, risk taking by going out on “The Edge” at the top of Eureka Sky Deck and so much more.

A variety of work experiences have been organised for these students giving them a taste of what big cities offer, as exposure to a variety of businesses and occupations, is limited in small country towns or rural areas.

Year 11 Work Experience


Nine Year 11 students spent two weeks in Melbourne, at two different YHA hostels and working at two different placements over the past fortnight. Job placements included Knox Private Hospital, Australian Education Union, Hearld and Weekly Times, Revolution IT and the Melbourne Children’s Court. There were many night time activities to explore Melbourne: Lebanese meal in Sydney Road Brunswick, Ice skating, swimming at the Aquatic Centre and a five course meal at the Sofitel Hotel, where students met the chef in the 5-star kitchen.

Year 11 work experience is an exciting opportunity that allows students to become confident using public transport, gives them a new perspective on urban life and prepares them for tertiary education and employment. Many past students have recalled it as the highlight of their school years and teachers and parents have noticed the mature and resilient attitude that students return with, after two weeks in the ‘big smoke’. Thanks to Mr Poynton for organising this experience over many years, as well as Mrs Ballard and Mr Quinlan who have continued to provide this excellent opportunity for Hawkesdale students.

Year 11 Work Experience in Melbourne

Our Year 11 students are enjoying their second week of work experience this week, after overcoming the challenges of getting to their work places, mostly on time, by public transport. We have students working at various locations including the Public Records Office (Sharra), Peter Stevens Motorcycles (Brayden), Melbourne Girl’s College (Chloe), Howard Florey Institute (Ben) and Lamborghini Melbourne (Jamie). We have students working in various jobs, including hairdressing (Carly), childcare (Kelly Hogan and Kelly Lucas), fashion (Amy and Hannah), financial planning (Nikki) and architecture (Brianna).
Some of the evening activities have included the Skydeck at Eureka Tower, a tour of St Hilda’s College at Melbourne University, a trip to the Australia-Japan soccer match at the MCG, movies at Crown and Lygon street, a meal in China Town and swimming at the Melbourne Aquatic Centre. Twenty students participated in the first week and fourteen continue with their second week in Melbourne, while the remainder have local job placements. We thank Judy Ballard, who has replaced Graeme Poynton, for her excellent organisation of this wonderful opportunity for our students.

This week at Hawkesdale………

As usual, it has been another busy week at Hawkesdale P12 College! Very early on Monday morning we bid farewell to Year 5 and 6 students, as they headed off to Canberra for four nights. They have an extensive program including Parliment House, the War Memorial and the Questacon Science Centre. Year 7 students travelled to Heywood to meet other students who have been involved with the “Ping” project – an on-line program where students learn about musical instruments from members of the Symphony Orchestra and create their own musical pieces.

Year 11 students have three days of exams starting today. Year 12 students begin their exams next week. We wish them all the best. During the last two weeks of term, Year 11 students travel to Melbourne for two work experience placements. This program is always memorable and a often assists students to decide their post-school pathway.

Science Careers Breakfast at RMIT University

RMIT breakfast

Four Year 11 students and Mrs Gow attended the Science Careers Breakfast at RMIT on Tuesday morning. The presentation “Science for the Real World – Everything is Relative” included an opening speech by the Hon. Gavin Jennings, Minister for Climate Change, the Environment and Innovation, Victorian Government. We also heard from industry representatives, recent graduates and current students about the ways in which science impacts on our everyday life. Daniel, Naomi, Alice and Jayne had the opportunity to attend this event due to their interest and potential to study in a science, technology or engineering field.