Art Journals

Last year I made a contact through Twitter to Quinn McDonald ( in America. She was kind enough to involve our school Year 7 class in her traveling journal project. Quinn sent us some beautiful, tough and durable paper which was given to the students to decorate and make into a journal page. The pages will be sent back to Quinn and she will then bind them into a journal. This journal will be used to foster a connection to the students in a local school nearby her home. They in turn will be making a journal to send to us. Below is one of the beautiful pages made by one of my students to be sent to Quinn.


Fishy Tale

While working with all this technology, I realised that some technology becomes obsolete. Sometimes very quickly.

I introduced the idea of an art project using and recycling materials using ‘old’ technology to the year 9/10 studio art class.

While brainstorming ideas for the large scale outdoors project one of the students mentioned their love of children’s books and their favorite: The Rainbow Fish. The students decided that this would be a good theme to draw together, and interest both primary and secondary students within the school. My brain began to race, how can I fit this in within the recycling materials boundary I had set, and make an attractive large scale artwork for the benefit of the school? What can we possibly use to create the look of the original illustrations and remain true to the originality of the student’s artwork as well? Then it dawned on me! Compact Disks! They would make lovely rainbow fish-scales and use up a load of obsolete, not working cd’s in the school and as it turned out in the wider community.
We are still working on the fish but we will soon have a whole ‘school’ of them swimming up high on a wall to brighten up an otherwise dull space. Watch this space to see the progress.


(above) Stage one and two of one of the fish.

Fish 1

Another of the ‘school’ nearing completion, we are discovering that the tails need to be reinforced somehow, so they won’t weaken and possibly fall off. Serious problem solving is required combined with working alongside the students in systems technology. In the top left hand of the above image it is possible to see the fishes eye being worked on before it is attached permanently.

fish 2

Just a few more details now and this little fish will be finished. Isn’t she cute?


The group that made this fish decided to emphasise the eyes by creating eyelashes

and a eyelid. They trialled various media and methods before settling on this version.

Bright pink fishlips add to the effect. A few more detail to be added and the fish face will be complete



D Regan
Hawkesdale P -12

Collage Making Grade 5-6


After listening to Cora Zon tell the story of the Magic Garden and learning all about blogging with Global Student, Grade Six at Hawkesdale P-12 had art. Their teachers, Rebecca and Denise, set them up in small groups to complete the interpersonal activity outlined in the Magic Garden Project. Each group set about making a part of the magic garden .

Once the pieces were made they began to lay them out on the collaborative collage.




The sheer joy in the room as the final collage appeared, afer just one art session, was a sight to behold.



Now the class will be able to proudly show their parents their work, as being viewed on the world wide web at Global Teacher.