2015 Investiture Ceremony

Mr Bob Handby (left) with Senior College Captains.

Last Wednesday we conducted the school investiture ceremony to recognise our school leaders. Mr Bob Handby, Victorian State Finalist Senior Australian of the Year in 2011, with 25 years in the Red Cross, gave us an insight into what it means to be a good leader, with examples from his experiences in disaster zones across the world.

Senior College Captains: Nick Hausler and Leah Drendel

Senior Vice Captains: James Gow and Stephanie Tanner

Junior College Captains: Charlie Edney and Destiny Kelly

Spring House Captains: Aaron Seabrook and Chris Gurney (Vice) Shiloh Capuano and Leah Drendel (Vice) Emily Gordon and Fletcher Cozens (Juniors)

Mitchell House Captains: Lachlan Tanner and James Gow (Vice) Carly Watson and Che Johnson (Vice) Angela Sanders and Alexandra Lewis (Juniors)

Bus Captains: (Broadwater) James Cassidy, Jobe Hollard, Carly Watson (Koroit) Tamiko Walter-Stones, Kiri Barber, Tayla Love (Macarthur) Aaron Dyson, Leah Drendel, Sarah Herring, Stephanie Tanner (Minjah) Kaylee Beard, Sam Bruce, Shilo Capuano (Penshurst) Rubylee Fuss, Daniel Rentsch, Matthew Rentsch

Student Leadership Group: (Year 6) Charlie Edney, Destiny Kelly, Ashleigh Mansell, Zahli Adams (Year 7) Kiara Esh, Milla Fuss, Emersen Fuss (Year 8) Kailyn Edney, Dharma Bailey (Year 9) Sophie Hines, Harrison Cozens, Hayley Keane (Year 10) Sarah Cassidy, Nikki Milgate, Peter Amess (Year 11) Jobe Hollard, Elektra Scholtz-Talbot, Sam Bruce and Tayla Love.

Beacon Foundation: Nikki Milgate, Toby Bruce, Isaac Walker, Sarah Cassidy, Kirsty Hausler, Alannah Gow, Matthew Rentsch.



Cyber Safety Talk to Years 5 to 12

Cyber safety wordle

On Friday, March 18th, years 5 to 12 listened to a presentation by Brett Lee. Brett worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of those as a Detective predominantly in the field of Child Exploitation. In his last five years of service, he was a specialist in the field of undercover internet child exploitation investigations.

He spoke in a  simple but effective manner to the students about appropriate online presence, the absolute need for safety whilst being online and that we are easily ‘googled’. Students became uncomfortable when he pulled up a selection of face book pages belonging to students, some whose profile was not set to privacy and some whose were. Here are some excerpts from some of our student reflections (See their individual posts for more):-

From Dhugsy:-

Brett Lee also talked about how a simple Google search of someone’s name or email address can reveal information like siblings, parents, phone numbers, images, your address, where you go to school, interests/ hobbies, if you have a Facebook or Myspace or Bebo…etc, your friends,  and even people that know you. All from a simple Google search!

He talked about how easy it is to hack into someone’s account, steal there identity  and make money out of it by creating false credit cards and selling them on the black market. Just to give us an example, he found some students on Facebook that attended Hawkesdale College and showed us their images. This was a good idea because it showed us just how it felt that a complete stranger could get hold of and keep a picture of us… SCARY!

from Doofus:

Brett Lee talked about a few of his projects/operations and gave us insight on what happens when he targets a paedophile. He urged how important internet safety is for everyone. He told us about what type of information and media is and isn’t appropriate for your online profiles.
Brett Lee talked a lot about your internet safety on the internet and gave us tips on how to keep our information and media private. He talked about setting your personal internet profile settings on ‘private’.
Brett Lee also told us about how easy it is to steal someone’s identity on the internet by hacking into that persons account.

From Tarzy:

The bit I liked most was when he showed us three photos of people from our school. He told us that the three peoples profiles were on private but he still got there photos, name, age, if they were male or female.

Brett talked about, people stealing your identity. they could get your face, name, age and even your friends. …that night I went home and made sure that my facebook was on private :)

He also talked about what ever you write on the internet or do on the internet, it will always be there. Even if you delete it. Also if you text someone or send a  picture you don’t know what they are going to do with it. They ‘could’ delete it or they ‘could’ send it on. you never know.

Year 9 students created the two word clouds appearing on this post as a result of their reflections on the session. The students are Rachael and Sean.

resized cybersafety

Valanga Khosa – visiting singer and storyteller

Valanga Khosa

What an exciting finish to Literacy week! On Friday, students from Prep to Year 8 had the opportunity to hear the songs, sounds and stories from Valanga Khosa, who visited us from Melbourne. Valanga is participating in the Port Fairy Book Fair celebrations this weekend and the Moyne Shire Council organised his appearance at Hawkesdale. Valanga was born in South Africa and spent his youth in Alexandra, a black township in Johannesburg, and in rural Transvaal. Growing up in a community where many could neither read or write, music and dance and storytelling were an integral part of the culture of his people. He has written a picture book available at the school library called “Gezani and the tricky baboon” and has toured schools throughout Australia.

Valanga entertained our students with his story of growing up in a very small village with six very tall sisters and three very tall brothers and his grey-haired grandparents. He told us about when his grandparents first suggested he go to school, his first ride in a motor car and his first taste of chewing gum.  Even Year 8 students sat on the floor, fixated for the full fifty minutes, with his story and music from instruments Valanga had made in refugee camps. In the Year 6/7/8 session, Valanga spoke briefly about racism in South Africa and hopefully gave students some understanding of how privileged they are to live in Australia, where the majority of people have easy access to schools, uniforms, equipment and technology. Please revisit this post next week, when I will have uploaded the video of his period 5 performance, including music, stories and songs.