End of year program

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While some of the year 7 to 9 students are on the bike ride this week, the students who are at school have an alternative program with lots of activities to choose from. The above photo shows some of Monday’s activities – making playdough with Mrs Webster, making Christmas cards with Mrs Butters, decorating Christmas cupcakes with Mrs Davey and for the Year 7 transition program some of the students made muffin pizzas with Mrs Matters and Mrs Gow.

Spreading some Christmas cheer

Singing at the Penshurst Aged Care facility

Singing at the Penshurst Aged Care facility

On Friday 9th December, 30 choir members plus 8 year 9 musicians, along with Ms Murnane, Bob Grey, Miss Rogers and Mrs Dart, trekked up to the Penshurst Aged Care facility, to spend time entertaining the clients. The students were outstanding, with both their music and with their interaction with the elderly. We sang a mix of Christmas carols and modern songs and the audience were most appreciative of our efforts. Congratulations to Jess who did a solo on Travelling Soldier. Congratulations to the entire crew for their enthusiasm and energy.

What a wonderful world

As the 2011 school year draws to its conclusion in a whirl of week long bike rides, Christmas carol performances, public speaking challenge, picnic day activities, swimming, special Christmas movie and a walk from Killarney to Port Fairy (phew) I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas holiday season. This video reminds us about the wonderful world we live in.

Playing by the Rules – Social Media Survey

Four students from year 9, Chloe, Indi, Jess and Rachel are working on a project in conjunction with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Melbourne Football Club called Digital Demons. Their aim is to write a code of conduct for elite athletes to use to guide their behaviour when using social media. They will also be learning about how young people can play an important leading role in encouraging appropriate online behaviour.

They will use this survey to find out what the community thinks about social media and the role it can play in our society. They hope to establish an understanding of community expectations of students and elite athletes eg AFL footballers, when using social media.

This survey should take 5-10 mins to complete. We would love you to complete this form.Thank you, on behalf of the students for taking time to answer their questions.

Book reading survey

This survey is being conducted as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival and Book Week as a collaborative and cultural project. Thank you for filling in this form. If you are a parent or teacher, we would love to hear from you. It is completely anonymous.

What does your Digital Footprint say about you?


This year is the first year that all students from year 5 to 12 have personal net books for use inside and outside school hours. We have become a true 1:1 school, in which every student has access to a computer. As well as interactive learning objects and the ability to communicate, research and store resources and student work, students have the opportunity to create a variety of products that demonstrate their learning. Some of our teachers have made the most of this opportunity, offering online resources and class blogs.

 If your student is away from school for any reason, they have the ability to access some of their teacher’s work requirements online. Even if your child is at school, you can access the blogs to find out what work is going on in the classroom and what homework may be required. You can find some links to teacher’s blogs in the blogroll to the right of this post.

 Many students have been using their net books to access social networking sites, such as Facebook, MSN, MySpace, Skype and others. The school encourages safe and appropriate use of the internet and reminds students of the agreement they signed at the beginning of their net book lease. Cyber-safety and online etiquette are important skills that students need to be mindful of at all times when using social networking sites.

 Some teachers are using Facebook with senior students to model appropriate behaviour and the school has a Facebook page that has posts about school events, reminders and student achievements. We would like students to behave online as they would in a public place, and not post anything that they wouldn’t like to see on the front page of the Standard. To encourage students to think carefully about their online behaviour and the digital footprint that they leave, whenever they post online we are planning a competition for students from year 5 to 9 that will include creative writing, multimedia production, music and artwork. 

“What my Digital Footprint says about me” is the theme for the competition, which has the following categories for each age group (Year 5&6; Year 7&8 and Year 9&10):

  •  Writing (short story, poetry or essay up to 1,000 words that demonstrates an understanding of appropriate online behaviour)
  • Music (write song lyrics or a rap) about the effects of inappropriate use of online social networking.
  • Graphic Design and Art (Create an A3 advertisement that encourages appropriate online behaviour)
  • Multimedia (Video, Photo-story or animation up to 3 minutes that shows the consequences of inappropriate online behaviour)

 Prizes include iTunes gift vouchers and iPod accessories donated by “IT Made Simple”. Look out for more information at the beginning of next semester.

Family Assortment at Flagstaff Hill

Years 3 to 6 students travelled to Flagstaff Hill to view the Family Assortment display in Warrnambool today as part of Education Week. Students from Warrnambool district were asked  to share “something special” from home and the results are now displayed at Flagstaff Hill . Listen to the fantastic stories that our students have gleaned from their families: Family Assortment Hawkesdale P12 College

The younger students from our school wrote about their object whilst older students created  podcasts. Our student work sits proudly on the Flagstaff Hill webpage. The display will be on view until 10th June.

Four proud students were interviewed on our local south west abc radio this morning. Great work and congratulations to students involved. A big thank you also goes to our staff:- Melissa Davey, Carlee Vize, Bec McCartney and Mr Huglin together with Agostina Hawkins of Flagstaff Hill for the team effort under a very tight time frame for this project.

Listen to the podcast online or click on the play button below.

ABC with jeremy lee AF RA AB JBl

Students interviewed on ABC South West

Students interviewed on ABC South West




This week our students in years 3,5, 7 and 9 have been sitting NAPLAN tests in the areas of English – Reading, Writing and Language Conventions, and Maths – one test with a calculator allowed, one test with no calculators allowed. Our students sat the 5 tests over 3 days and make up a small number of the 1 million students across Australia, who are sitting these tests this week.

Jocks and Nerds – year 12 dress up day



Year 12 students decided to celebrate the end of term 1 today, by dressing up as either a “jock” or a “nerd”. They all got into the swing of things and their outfits looked sensational. This photo was taken just before they put on their academic hats and sat down to complete a SAC. We wish them all the best both for today’s SAC and for the rest of the year. It is great to see them working so well as a team and as individuals and so good to see all students getting into the spirit of the day.