Dear World Leaders

Dear World Leaders,
I’m just a twelve year old boy, but I know that Australia is for Peace NOT War. Nuclear weapons on high alert can:
1. Threaten countries, not enhance security
2. Cause war, not end it.
3. Have a big chance of accidental launch
4. Are capable of destroying the world in a matter of hours

Abolishing nuclear weapons will not only save the earth, but will create a new one; a world of peace; a world of love and friendship; a world where there won’t be any horrible, devastating deaths from nuclear weapons.

So abolish nuclear weapons for a better, happier world.

No Nukes for Hawkesdale

This August 6th and 9th mark the 64th anniversary of the most brutal acts of terrorism upon innocent people; America’s atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The year 6 students are currently writing letters which we are going to send to world leaders, imploring them to abolish nuclear weapons before we have to witness another nuclear explosion, whether it be intentional or accidental. They are also creating digital presentations which we will be posting on our blogs. Watch the video below to see what you can do to make sure Hawkesdale remains Nuclear free.