Mayors for Peace – Mayor Michael Neoh's visit

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Mayor Michael Neoh, Mayor of the Warrnambool City Council, visited our college this morning to sign the paper work signifying the decision by the Warrnambool City Council, to join the Mayor’s for Peace initiative. Junior school Captains Alannah and Tate, made a short presentation to the Mayor, thanking him and the Councillors, for supporting the student voice at Hawkesdale P12, in sending this strong message to the world, that cities are not targets for nuclear weapons. I would like to express my own appreciation to Mayor Neoh, for taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule, to come and visit the students and convey to them, the importance of the invitation they extended to Council, and the importance the Council placed on this decision. Sincere thanks to Mayor Neoh for his visit.
Below is the presentation the students made to Mayor Neoh.

On behalf of the Hawkesdale P12 College community, we would like to thank you – Mayor Michael Neoh and the Councillors of Warrnambool City Council, for joining the Mayors for Peace project.
This project began in 1982 at the United Nations. The Mayor of Hiroshima came up with an idea to promote the message across the world, that cities wanted the total abolition of nuclear weapons.
This project allows cities all over the world, to work together to support the total abolition of Nuclear weapons.
By all the mayors and communities signing up to the Mayors for Peace project, you are helping us to send the message to world leaders, that no one wants to live in a city or community with the threat of nuclear weapons hanging over us.
I think it’s great that us small children can have such a big effect on our future. In signing up, you have helped make our small voices be heard on a global stage. Thank you for signing up to the mayors for peace project and helping us to get rid of the nuclear weapons

Rapping for world peace – Ban the bomb

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Students in years 5, 6 and 7 were lucky to have spent the morning with Cat, Kaso and Madelaine from ICan and Friends of the Earth respectively, who guided our students through the process of writing and recording a rap. The rap has a very strong global peace message which focused on nuclear abolition. There was lots of giggling, team work, brainstorming of ideas and a sharing of a common understanding – that we want to live in a world free of nuclear weapons. At the beginning of the day, we had a group of shy, quiet students who were unsure and uncertain about the world of rap. By the time the 3 girls had finished the morning, we had a group of excited, confident and surprisingly “cool” rappers. Cat, Kaso and Madelaine recorded all the individual groups rapping and are taking it away to put with the soundtrack. They will return early term 4, with the finished product and will spend the day with us, filming the students performing. This was an outstanding activity and one which brought all the artistic and creative talents to the fore.

Google Search Stories – Making a difference

Wow, Mrs Gow brought this fabulous web 2.0 tool to my attention. It is called a Google Search Story. The challenge is to tell a story using 7 different google searches. You could give the students a start and an end point, and let them fill the gaps, to tell a story. Quite a challenge and LOADS of fun. Check out my story and then follow the links to create your own. I can’t wait to get my students to do this.

Million pleas – campaign to free our world of nuclear weapons


“We want to make the world’s longest video chain letter.

The video has been started by a group of school children from Hiroshima, Japan and is addressed to the 9 countries still in possession of nuclear weapons. We’re asking people from all over the globe to upload a video clip of themselves saying the word “please”. The “pleases” will then be edited into a long virtual chain letter, which will act as a petition to abolish nuclear weapons, worldwide.

The campaign is an initiative of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons, and is being launched in this the 65th anniversary year of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Please add your voice to the campaign.” visit the million pleas
Watch this video created by the children of Hiroshima

Approximately 160 students, staff and parents, added their voices to the million pleas campaign today. Visit the websites below, to view our pleas to world leaders to free our world of nuclear weapons.

65 years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki

On the 6th and 9th of August this year, we remember the 65th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are 9 countries with nuclear weapons, which accounts for roughly 23,000 weapons world wide. This is 23,000 too many. There are far too many nervous and angry fingers on far too many nuclear triggers. It’s time to abolish nuclear weapons!

Click on this link to view our message to the world leaders of the nuclear countries.

Time to abolish Nuclear Weapons – smoke signal

As you may or may not have gathered, Marg M and the kids at Hawkesdale P12, are fairly passionate about getting our messages out there, that it’s well and truly time to abolish nuclear weapons. The fact that they exist, looms like a huge black cloud over our future. The launch of one nuclear weapon, either accidentally or intentionally, has horrendous consequences for not just this generation, but for generations to follow. We have written letters to world leaders, local newspapers, local Mayors, created a quiz, created a movie and made slideshows and text movies, to promote our very simple message that it’s “TIME TO ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS”. Mrs Mirtschin has shared this new web 2.0 tool with us and we thought we might add a smoke signal message to our repertoire. Check it out on this link.

Sensational Visit from Dr Bill Williams

Dr Williams made 2 presentations to students in our library. Here he is working with a group of year 8 students.

Dr Williams made 2 presentations to students in our library. Here he is working with a group of year 8 students.

The title of Dr Williams' presentation "Who gave you permission to mess with my future?" was generated by Ivy, one of our year 8 students.

The title of Dr Williams' presentation "Who gave you permission to mess with my future?" was generated by Ivy, one of our year 8 students.

Dr Bill Williams spent the day with us at Hawkesdale P12, talking to groups of students and working online in an Elluminate Session. Dr Williams covered all areas concerning nuclear weapons, including the history, the current situation and ideas on how we can influence world leaders to abolish these hideous weapons. The students were enthralled by his engaging presentation and we thank him sincerely for giving up his time to come down to the Western District and spend the day with us. An online recording of Dr Williams’ presentation can be found on the Elluminate site.

students listening in elluminate

Enormous thanks to, to Mrs Murch for her assistance in running the Elluminate session. She really is a very generous person with her time and has a wealth of technical knowledge. We are really lucky to have Mrs Murch in our school.

Dr Bill Williams visits Hawkesdale P12 College

On Friday April 30th, Dr Bill Williams, President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), will visit our school. During his visit, he will present an online session through Elluminate, from 12.00 midday – to 1.00pm (Melbourne, Australia, GMT +10).

Dr Williams will talk about how nukes work, where they came from, how they’ve been used, what they do, where they’re at now, how we’ve got rid of lots already,what we need to do – together – to get rid of the lot of them and fast.He will emphasise the global nature of the threat, including the climate effects of nuclear war, affecting earth’s temperature and the knock-on effects on farming, food production and famine.

Dr Williams is aiming his presentation at students from year 5 – 12. He is a dynamic presenter with a depth of experience and knowledge and he welcomes input throughout his presentation. This is an exciting opportunity for students to get a basic understanding of the issues involved with nuclear disarmament and the part they can play in taking a stand against the existence of nuclear weapons. I highly reccomend this presentation to students and adults alike.

This is the photo which is being displayed in New York in May, at the Njuclear Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, at the United Nations

This is the photo which is being displayed in New York in May, at the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, at the United Nations

It's time to abolish nuclear weapons

Ok, your task today, is to think about either of these two questions and add your response as a comment. These are the questions we need to answer when Teri and Cat from ICan, come to visit us on Tuesday.

Question 1 – Why do you want a nuclear weapon free world?
Question 2 – What worries you about continuing to live in a world that is threatened by the use of nuclear weapons?

These responses could be shown in an edited 5 mins film clip at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference being held at the United Nations in New York, in May. How exciting would it be to have your voices heard by the United Nations!