Bully Stoppers Program funding

On Thursday Bill Mundy from Telstra visited the school to present a new Android Tablet, internet credits and educational material as a result of our school’s successful Bully Busters funding application. Bill spoke of Telstra’s sense of responsibility for the safe use of communication technology. He spoke to the assembled secondary students about the importance of doing the right thing when on Facebook and other programs and the long term consequences that doing the wrong thing can have.  Mr Mundy spoke about the importance of appropriate online behaviour. He reminded our students of the serious consequences of inappropriate online behaviour, including ‘sexting’ and cyberbullying. He spoke as a father of teenage daughters and as an employer, explaining that before any potential job interview he searches social media for the profiles of candidates for the position and excludes any person with dubious character, based on the images and status updates. We thank Mr Mundy and Telstra for the opportunity to participate in the BullyStoppers program and for taking the time to visit our school.

Our school is currently planning a number of programs on bullying that will involve students and parents from across the school. One of these will be a session on Cyber Bullying; information will be communicated home at a later date. It is hope that all parents will take up this offer when it occurs because it will provide much knowledge and advice on what is a complex and demanding topic.

Learning safely online!

Five year 8 students, from Hawkesdale P12 College, were part of an exciting initiative offered by Innovations and Next Practice, DEECD. They worked on a number of aspects of online learning and chose to look at the lack of sleep that many student suffer because they are either bullied or up late using social networking sites. Several online sessions were organised for the students from all schools involved, with Dr Martyn Wilde leading them through some of the current research findings.

A celebration day was held in Melbourne at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) where all students involved shared their projects. The Premier of Victoria, Mr Brumby and the Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike were both in attendance.

The five girls created a glogster, which shares

  1. the movie that they made
  2. an interview with Heather Blakey
  3. a graphed summary of the survey results etc

You can view the glog below, or alternately visit the glog by clicking on this link.

The movie “Life of a Cyber Bully Victim can be viewed below:-

We are now a Solar School!

solar system2

Over the school holidays, Clear Solar have installed our 5.5kW solar photovoltaic system, consisting of 42 panels, inverter and a ‘Sunny WebBox’ meter. The WebBox allows us to monitor the energy produced in real time, daily totals and the total produced since installation on a webpage linked to the system. Eventually we will also be able to veiw graphs showing the school’s power usage and the variable effects of weather on the system output, as well as comparing the system at Hawkesdale with other installations worldwide. Funding for the $60,000 system has been provided by grants from the National Solar Schools and the Victorian Solar in Schools Programs.