Rubicon Year 9/10 Camp Report

Codes96 has written a the following wonderful report on the Rubicon Camp.

The year nine and ten camp this year was to go to Rubicon, or the snow camp and on Monday the 19th of July we arrived there after 7 long hours on a train and bus. The camp, based 3 hours from Melbourne, was large, equipped with all the essentials for 30-40 kids to have a massive outdoor adventure.

Day 1

We learned the basic rules of the camp and mixed with the other school from Birchip. We then were finally told we could go into our dormitories and get ready for what was coming. It was after that we collected our water proofs, set our duties for the coming days and  were then allowed some free time in the hall. The hall is a place to play table tennis, pool and foosball along with loads of other games. We then had tea (Curried chicken) and desert. Then Jody taught us the basics of skiing. By then we thought it was easy.

Day 2

After an early morning (seven o’clock start and a wake up song of some 80’s music) we had breakfast and went straight into our day’s activities. Group A went skiing, while my group B and group C were mountain biking. We travelled roughly 6-10km along both dirt and bitumen. The trail was quite easy although some people fell behind and struggled (including Mr Matters). After getting back late, we ate the last of the soup for lunch and quickly headed to the high ropes corse to challenge us on the high ropes course. We had a choice of both high and low ropes, both including thin ropes to walk along and slippery logs, and after we completed we went down either of the flying foxes. After getting back quite early we had extra free time to do what we wanted, play around camp, be challenged on the bouldering wall, play any number of sports, and settle down quietly in our dorms. After a great tea of spaghetti bolognaise, Mr Matters challenged us at a trivia night.

Day 3

Another early morning, another breakfast but today we had to be ready earlier, for both groups B and C to go toLake Mountain for a whole day of skiing. The start was a struggle of trying to put on boots and gators then a extremely tight hour long bus ride interspersed with humour from Phil. We finally made it up the long bending road. We collected the skis and tramped up the mountain, first learning how to put on skis and how to climb up hills. It wasn’t too hard until we reached the point were we had to go down hill. The emergency stop consists of falling over, but even worse was the snow plough, or stopping without falling. This was one of the hardest things I’ve tried. Most of the time we fell, only one or two people seemed to master it on their second or third attempts, one of these was Chelsea who seemed to be a freak at it. On the opposite was Belinda who fell over every time she tried something, or do anything. After practicing it a little more we headed along a trail after having lunch. This was to a 1.4 km down hill were everyone stacked.

We then headed home- everyone desperate for a hot shower and dry clothes. We had tea and dessert and watched the video of us ‘stacking’.

Day 4

Last activity day. Today we could choose what to do. The options were to either have another day skiing, a day of white water rafting or an explorer day. I chose skiing where we headed along at a fast pace and tried harder moves. On this day that I did a perfect snow plough and most people were mastering it.

The explorer people went snow shoeing, where they went for a quiet walk around Lake Mountain. And the rafting people went to a close by river and challenged themselves rafting. They said that it was very wet and it was very rough.

This was the last night so we returned our gear and packed our stuff after a night of photo shooting, making and doing weird things and taking photos of it.

Day 5

We headed off to the train station by bus at 9 o’clock, then an hours shopping at Southern Cross station. It was then when we finally headed off back to Warrnambool by quarter past four.


  • Having great skiing lessons because they were heaps different to what we do at home, there isn’t a snow, or snowy mountains around home.
  • Going mountain bike riding, it was different and a challenge to go up and down steep hills, and winding our way through sharp turns.
  • The high ropes course, the challenge to go so high and complete it, it gave a feel of success.


This camp has challenged me, to one be able to go so high on the high ropes, it also challenge my stamina riding the mountain bikes and it also made me use skills I’ve never used eg skiing. In skiing I’ve also had to have courage to be able to go down the massive slope. But even in breakfast duty, I’ve challenged my self to do jobs that previously I would have left for someone else.

A big thanks to all the Rubicon staff, students involved and our school teachers for such a great time. I would highly recommend this camp to all other students.

Melbourne Camp – Year 5

melbourne camp year 5- resized

Congratulations to the students in year 5, on their fabulous behaviour on this week’s 3 day school camp to Melbourne. We had a great time because everyone was so willing to cooperate, do the right thing and make this a fabulously fun experience. We went to the brilliant Melbourne Icehouse where 20 students started off shakily on iceskates, and ended up speed racing each other by the end of the 2 hours. A special mention to Mrs Butters who lasted way longer than Mrs Brown or Ms Murnane, and who actually made it across the ice with only one fall. We then went on a one hour cruise down the Yarra River, followed by a really interesting tour around the MCG. We finished off that night with a visit to Laser Skirmish where the teachers were well and truly silenced by cheeky children who were determined to make sure our laser lives were short. A game of 10 pin bowling and an icecream at Southbank, finished off a fun first day. Both the laser skirmish and the 10 Pin Bowling are located in the Galactic Circus, the largest indoor interactive theme park in Australia.

On the remaining 2 days, we saw a brilliant 3D movie at IMAX called Ghosts of the Abyss.This movie is about the TITANIC and movie director James Cameron’s dive to the bottom of the ocean, some 3.8kms deep, on an adventure back to the final grave of this beautiful ship, almost a century ago. “In this unprecedented motion picture event, made especially for IMAX 3D Theatres, Cameron and his team bring audiences to sights not seen since the sinking 98 years ago and explore why the landmark vessel – more than any shipwreck – continues to intrigue and fascinate the public.”

We then took part in a role play at the Old Melbourne Gaol, called a Courtroom Drama, followed by a really interesting tour of the Gaol itself. This included lots of information and a couple of ghost stories which made the hair stand up on the back of our necks. During the afternoon, we visited the Melbourne Zoo where we managed to see Mali, the baby elephant, still playing with his mum. Dinner that evening was at Universal Pizza in the famous Lygon St in Carlton, where we enjoyed pizza and pasta – all you can eat. (Ask Paddy how many slices of pizza he managed to eat!) We finished day 2 with a trip to the top of the Eureka Tower, which includes a very fast trip up in the elevator, which covers 8 metres per second!

Our final day was spent at the Melbourne Museum, seeing the Titanic Exhibition. “This fascinating exhibition features over 280 real artefacts recovered from the ocean floor along with room re creations and personal stories; each highlighting a different chapter in the compelling story of Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912.” An hour and a half at the Queen Victoria Market, completed our awesome visit to Melbourne and we arrived home after a 3 hour train trip, to the Warrnambool Railway Station. This trip was an awesome experience and thanks must go to Mrs Butters who did the bulk of the organisation and to the beautifully behaved students who allowed us to have so much fun.

Advanced Winter Camp – The Black Ranges

View more presentations from t.

Winter Base Camp – The Black Ranges

7th – 10th June 2010


A few words from those who participated:

“Great, walking on the face off the cliff edge was cool.” – Henry

“The caves were awesome.” – Richard

“Sweet! How much you could see from the top of the rocks.” – Ben

“Camp was good. Everything was, especially the cave.” – Nathan

“I liked the rock climbing.” – Aiden

“I liked the first walk along the cliff edge.” – Ellie

“Never again.” – Sharna

“I would like to acknowledge Sharna’s efforts to exert herself with the physical activity. 10/10!” – Mr Jarrad

It was good especially the cave. I liked the bush-bashing.” – Tim

“Great camp. Would have been nice if more students came.” – Hughie

“I liked having a big fire!” – Lachlan

“Sarah and I fell down a hole. We stood in it and couldn’t get back up.” – Lizzy

“A good experience, tiring but fun!” – Brenna the Rock Jumper

“It was fun walking then exploring rocks.” – Sarah

“It was good in the caves and climbing on the rocks.” – Tom

“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The scenery was terrific!” – Matt

“Thanks to Mr J and Hughie for making this trip possible.” – Richard, on behalf of everyone who attended camp.

Our Year 6/7 Mentors and Administrators

Year 6 and 7 mentors and administrators

Congratulations to all the above students who were nominated and selected as Year 6 Mentors and Year 7 Administrators. We are very proud of these students who have volunteered to accept greater responsibilities in the school as role models for younger students and as eacher’s assistants. Each student was required to write a letter of application, stating why they thought they should be considered for the position and the qualities that made them suitable for the role.

Congratulations also to all those students who participated in the activities at Roses Gap Adventure Camp, especially those that worked as a team and were encouraging towards their peers. Each student had the opportunity to do canoeing, raft-building, low ropes, vertical playpen , giant swing, archery, bushwalking and the flying fox.

End of Year 6 Dinner

Year 6 at their End of Year Dinner on Wednesday 2nd December.

Year 6 at their End of Year Dinner on Wednesday 2nd December.

On Wednesday 2nd December, 20 year 6 students and their parents, attended a dinner which was held at the Hawkesdale Hall. The students presented a photo story which was a snap shot of 2009, and they each shared some of their funny memories of their educational journey so far. Students were presented with a photo and a pen. The dinner was catered by the Hawkesdale Hall Committee and the flowers arranged by Mrs Judy Linke. Both the meal and the flowers were magnificent, as usual. Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make this night really special.

Snorkelling, Stingrays, Seals, Surfing and more..

kayaking group

See the stingray in the bay stingray

What a great location we are at for our year 8 camp, in the beautiful, layback Apollo Bay township. Accommodation is at the ecofriendly Beachfront YHA – a magnificient building that is less than three years of age.

Students have settled in well, and despite the heatwave affecting the rest of the state, temperatures here have been a pleasant 27 degrees or so.


The VLine bus brought us via the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay stopping at the Bay of Islands, London Bridge, Lochard Gorge and Twelve Apostles. This gave us some early photo opportunities to catch scenic attractions. At midday, we arrived in Apollo Bay.


  • snorkelling on a reef, where a huge stingray was sighted. Students were soon relocated on the sheltered side of the harbour, where the water was crystal clear. Fish, starfish and other sea living creatures were all spotted.
Out into the seaside mist of Marengo Bay

Out into the seaside mist of Marengo Bay

  • Kayaking in Marengo Bay. Students were paired up to use kayaks to work their way to another reef, where a colony of seals swam with them and their kayaks. The rumours are that one seal was as big as a cow! Only one kayak capsized and the two boys were soon back in their kayak. Students returned to the beach area with many exciting tales!

  • Surfing was the final activity of the day – one many of the students thought was the best. It was great to see some students master a short kneel or actually stand ing on the board!
  • three girls surfing on the beach

After a bbq tea, it was back to the wharf for some fishing. The boys were keen to catch squid. However, they were not to be found. Instead there was a huge stingray swimming around and an octopus caught on the rod. It was soon sent back to its home in the sea.

See the octopus that was returned to its seaside home. octopus at the jetty

Rubicon Camp – 9/10 students

The cold, icy weather of the past few days will ensure that there are good snow falls and cover at Lake Mountain, where the students who are attending the Rubicon camp will ski.

Remember that you can check out any required information by visitingthe Rubicon Outdoor Centre website. Students need to be in Warrnambool to catch the early morning train at 5:40am. Once they arrive at Southern Cross station,  Fallons buslines will take them onto Rubicon. All costs of transport, food, snow gear and hire, activities and accommodation are covered in the camp fee that has been paid.

Minimal pocket money is required for breakfast on Monday 13th May and for lunch on Friday 17th May on their return journey home. Thank you to Mrs Gow and Mr Grey for being the staff in attendance. Best wishes for a great camp to the year 9/10 students who are going.