Congratulations to Ben M – UBS Finance Academy awardee!

Congratulations to Ben Murphy, Year 11, who has been awarded a UBS Finance Academy scholarship. Ben has been selected as one of 22 students in Victoria, to attend the UBS Academy at Macquarie University, Sydney 5-9 July. The award means that the airfare, travel and accommodation expenses are all covered. The academy focuses on investment banking but there will be an opportunity for visiting special places.

Our Year 6/7 Mentors and Administrators

Year 6 and 7 mentors and administrators

Congratulations to all the above students who were nominated and selected as Year 6 Mentors and Year 7 Administrators. We are very proud of these students who have volunteered to accept greater responsibilities in the school as role models for younger students and as eacher’s assistants. Each student was required to write a letter of application, stating why they thought they should be considered for the position and the qualities that made them suitable for the role.

Congratulations also to all those students who participated in the activities at Roses Gap Adventure Camp, especially those that worked as a team and were encouraging towards their peers. Each student had the opportunity to do canoeing, raft-building, low ropes, vertical playpen , giant swing, archery, bushwalking and the flying fox.

Australia Day Moyne Shire Awards

flags and stickers

Congratulations to our school captain of 2009, Jack Keegan, who has won a Moyne Shire young citizen community award as part of the Moyne Shire Council Australia Day celebrations on January 26th. Jack has been involved in many school and community activities, including the following:-

  •  an awardee of a  gold Duke of Edinburgh medal
  • member of the Moyne Shire Junior  Council
  • Hawkesdale P12 College School Captain 2009
  • Hakwesdale P12 College SRC member
  • School representative at local, district and state level sporting activities
  • Successful member and player for several local sporting clubs
  • Participant in the 444,000 trees project
  • Involvement in the Willatook Hall and Reserve community activities

Congratulations also go to Mrs Julie Bos, from our local Post Office for the Community Award that she also received!

the ceremony

Australian Rural Woman of the Year visits

Roma Britnell
This week Year 9 students had the opportunity to learn from Roma Britnell, the 2009 Rural Woman of the Year, who spoke about setting and reaching her goals. Roma is a local girl, who attended Hawkesdale College, became a nurse and went on to own three farms and become a leader in the dairy industry. She won the Victorian Rural Woman of the year and then travelled to Canberra, where she met Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Roma encouraged students to surround themselves with positive people and not to give up on a dream just  because others say you won’t achieve it. She suggested you set your goals in concrete, but the pathway to get there in sand – you may not arrive at your goal by the most direct and obvious route, but with hard work and persistence you can achieve great things.

We are very grateful to and appreciative of Roma for taking time out of her busy schedule to speak to our students. If you have any other suggestions of ex-students who would like to return to the school, please leave a comment in the section below.

ICT Award for this week

This week’s award for the best student blogs goes to two students.

  1. Luigi in year 7. Luigi has added all posts asked of her and continues to add voluntary posts. Her reflective piece of work on the Ping music project was great! Thank you, Luigi!
  2. Em from the primary school. Em’s blog has posts that she has voluntarily added and she wrote an interesting post on Canberra, complete with photos.

Please see Mrs Matters in the library to collect your prize –  usb drive.

Year 7 Maths

Year 7 students enjoyed the autumn sunshine today as they learnt about the cartesian plane and formed linear equations by each representing a cartesian co-ordinate. Each student represented a number on the x-axis and the class was then given an equation – such as y= x + 1; they then had to work out the y value for their number and move to appropriate point on the cartesian plane. Students could easily recognise if they had the correct value, if they were in line with the other students.

Hawkesdale hosted an Open afternoon and evening this week, which was well attended by current and prospective parents and students. We are very proud of the year 12 school captains, Rebecca Beard and Jack Keegan, as well as all the current year 7 students who spoke about their experiences at Hawkesdale P12 College and what they have enjoyed during their time here. To celebrate Education Week, parents and teachers enjoyed morning tea in the library. We have had a Book Fair in the library this week – many students have written down their wish lists for parents to purchase books, or used their pocket money to add to their reading collections.

Thanks to Steven Stewart and Danny Keane for digging over the vegetable garden to prepare it for some winter plantings. Year 7 and 8 students may be the first to plant broccolli, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

We wish Anne Mirtschin all the best for her trip to Kuala Lumpar this week. Anne departed Thursday to attend the 2009 Microsoft Innovative Teacher’s Awards.

Weekly ICT Award

Update – Recipiants for the Weekly ICT Award for the past two weeks are:

Trevor C. in year 6 for working well with ICT, and

Maddison J. from year 7 in recognition of her work in ICT this week for Education Week.

Well done to both students and keep up the great work!

Weekly ICT Award

Thank you to Magazines4students, a company the library orders with annually. They have provided us with a prize of 50 x 2.0GB USBs for being one of the first schools to place an order in 2009. To try and share them amongst as many students as possible it has been decided to have a weekly ICT Award. This award will recognise excellence, hard work, good results and breakthroughs in students ICT pursuits. Students from the year 3/4 class right through to and including year 12 will be eligible for the award.

To begin the awards this week, we have two recipients for their ‘Excellence in ICT’ – International finalists in the ‘netgened project video competition’.

  1. Carly who won second place for her video on Geo Everything.
  2. Hannah who was a finalist in  Semantic Aware Applications  


Watch the school blogs and newsletter for the weekly recipients of this award.

Last day of Term 1

Our 2009 Athletics Age Group Champions recieved their engraved medals today. Each of these students represented Mitchell or Spring house in the secondary school House athletic sports and will compete at the Mid-west complex Athletics sports at Brauerander Park, Warrnambool. Congratulations on your achievements and good luck at the next level!

These students received certificates of recognition from Roz Stewart following their participation in the 39th annual Area 5 CFA competition, held at the Hawkesdale Recreation Reserve last weekend. Roz commended the students on their performance at the event and encouraged all students to be involved with volunteer activities within their communities.

The !dea 2008 Conference

The !dea 2008 conference is being held at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Hawkesdale P12 College is a finalist in the 2008 IMS GLC Learning Impact awards. There are 11 finalists involved and we are so proud that we are the only school featuring in these national awards. 

Yesterday, we were involved in speed dating. People attending the conference formed small groups and  were rotated around finalists’ booths. We were given 4 mins to speak to our product – our school blog. Conference participants then voted and the judges’ took their votes into consideration.

 Judging was based on the following criteria:-

  • access
  • affordability
  • quality
  • adoption
  • accountability
  • organisational learning
  • interoperability
  • innovation

Here is our  abstract :-

Connecting to the Globe at Hawkesdale P12 College

A blog which was initially seen to be an online journal and writing tool, has gone from being a backyard blog to being fully utilised across the staff, classes and students of Hawkesdale P12 Colleg in rural Western Victoria. The blog initially recorded the evidence of volcanic activity in local backyards, as grade 6 students were producing podcasts for the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre. Our area is now a geopark, Kanawinka, in the Western District of Victoria

This blog became global and encouraged blogging to be taught and used as a communication tool in ICT classes and LOTE The powerful learning outcomes that this has provided, encouraged the majority of staff to blog and manage class blogs. Class blogs for years prep to nine are also maintained.

A container blog, or Hawkesdale p12 College webpage, to manage local, countrywide and global access to these blogs has been set up. Blogs allow pages, post, blogrolls, url links, comments, widgets to be featured and have allowed us to connect, communicate and share with each other, our parents, our community and the globe.