2015 Investiture Ceremony

Mr Bob Handby (left) with Senior College Captains.

Last Wednesday we conducted the school investiture ceremony to recognise our school leaders. Mr Bob Handby, Victorian State Finalist Senior Australian of the Year in 2011, with 25 years in the Red Cross, gave us an insight into what it means to be a good leader, with examples from his experiences in disaster zones across the world.

Senior College Captains: Nick Hausler and Leah Drendel

Senior Vice Captains: James Gow and Stephanie Tanner

Junior College Captains: Charlie Edney and Destiny Kelly

Spring House Captains: Aaron Seabrook and Chris Gurney (Vice) Shiloh Capuano and Leah Drendel (Vice) Emily Gordon and Fletcher Cozens (Juniors)

Mitchell House Captains: Lachlan Tanner and James Gow (Vice) Carly Watson and Che Johnson (Vice) Angela Sanders and Alexandra Lewis (Juniors)

Bus Captains: (Broadwater) James Cassidy, Jobe Hollard, Carly Watson (Koroit) Tamiko Walter-Stones, Kiri Barber, Tayla Love (Macarthur) Aaron Dyson, Leah Drendel, Sarah Herring, Stephanie Tanner (Minjah) Kaylee Beard, Sam Bruce, Shilo Capuano (Penshurst) Rubylee Fuss, Daniel Rentsch, Matthew Rentsch

Student Leadership Group: (Year 6) Charlie Edney, Destiny Kelly, Ashleigh Mansell, Zahli Adams (Year 7) Kiara Esh, Milla Fuss, Emersen Fuss (Year 8) Kailyn Edney, Dharma Bailey (Year 9) Sophie Hines, Harrison Cozens, Hayley Keane (Year 10) Sarah Cassidy, Nikki Milgate, Peter Amess (Year 11) Jobe Hollard, Elektra Scholtz-Talbot, Sam Bruce and Tayla Love.

Beacon Foundation: Nikki Milgate, Toby Bruce, Isaac Walker, Sarah Cassidy, Kirsty Hausler, Alannah Gow, Matthew Rentsch.



Thank a Teacher – Mrs Britt Gow


Mrs Gow has made it through to the finalist stage for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards – one of the Education Department’s highest awards – the Lindsay Thompson Fellowship. The Gala Awards dinner will take place on May 16th at the Crown and the winner will be announced there.

In the meantime, our school and community has been asked to write a tribute to her in the form of notes, images and videos. Some of these will be published on the Dept of Education’s website and some will be featured at the awards dinner.

Please upload your tributes to the Thank a Teacher Tribute page by Tuesday May 6, 2014.


Hawkesdale’s Presentations at the Global Youth Summit

YouTube link to the one minute “OzTrees 4 GYS” presentation or view below:-

YouTube link to the three minute “OzTrees 4 GYS” presentation.

The video clips above were filmed on Saturday 18th January at the Singapore Science Centre, as part of the Actions for Earth Global Youth Summit. All the students had specific roles from collecting contact names and addresses for each of the attending schools, photography and script-writing to slideshow creation, creating our logo and giving feedback to our speakers.

Day 6: Project Proposals, Awards Ceremony and Conference Closing.

Working on the OzTrees 4 GYS logo

We woke up nice and early, ready for a huge last day of the 2014 Global Youth Conference. When we arrived at the Singapore Science Centre, where the conference was held, we listened to Peter Browne talk about public speaking and the best and most effective way to present our pitches. After the presentation we got into our country groups and practiced our one minute pitch and then presented to all of the delegates. The top six school groups in both the Junior and Senior categories then presented their three-minute pitches to the judges abouth their ideas which will help the environment.

We wanted to plant a tree on Australian soil for every delegate who attended the 2014 Global Youth Summit. Our project, “OzTrees 4 GYS” is to plant a tree to represent each student from the 12 different countries who attended the inaugural Global Youth Summit. There was a junior and senior category, with the audience selecting their favourite ideas with 6 senior and 6 junior teams making it to the finals. We were in the senior category and we made it to the finals. This meant we were required to complete a three minute pitch to extend upon our ideas in order to win over the judges. We were lucky enough to receive 3rd place which is 6 medals, a trophy and 500 Singapore dollars in order to implement our proposed project.

Britt Gow and Melody from the Cambodian Kampong Project

As a group we decided we were well off compared to many of the other schools attending and we already had enough money from sponsors to implement our project, so we decided to donate our prize money to the Cambodian Kampong Project. After we did this we were told that the money we donated was 1.5 million dollars in Cambodia which is enough to build them a brick home.


Indonesian Schools Cultural Performance

The conference ended with performances from most of the attending countries and K-pop dance group (push music). For our performance we acted out famous landmarks in Australia with “We Come From a Land Down Under” playing in the background. It was great to see everyone having fun, with a great end to the conference.

Our Secondary Teacher of the Year – Mrs Britt Gow

Congratulations to our Science/Maths teacher, Mrs Britt Gow, who has just been awarded the Mecu Secondary Teacher of the Year. This award was given at the recent DEECD Victorian Excellence Awards in Melbourne. A proud and excited school participated in a special assembly to congratulate her on her return from Melbourne.

Well done, Britt!

Moyne Australia Day Shire Awards

Congratulations to Emily Huglin, our senior school vice captain of 2011, who was named “Young Citizen of the Year” for the Moyne Shire,  in today’s Australia Day Ceremony at Yambuk. It was a proud moment for Emily and reflects the wide and active involvement in our local community and beyond into the global community. Following is the impressive speech that Emily made to the large assemby gathered in the hall for the Moyne Shire Council’s Australia Day Celebrations.

Everything I have done; everything I have achieved; it has all come down to the desire to make a difference to the world.

I have recently been on a leadership camp at Cave Hill Creek for the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Leadership program, this past week and one thing that stood out for me is that ‘we must be the change we wish to see in the world.’ I think this sums up myself entirely. For there to be change we ourselves must lead by example. To succeed we must turn out problems into challenges and face them with an eagerness rather than run away.

I have this desire to help other people, especially those less fortunate than myself. It is with this desire, this vision and intent that I have found a passionate drive to make a change in the world – no matter  how young or old you are that you too can make a difference. You don’t have to be a Prime Minister  or be the one that finds the cure to a disease but you can be the one that simply listens to a friend for you ARE making a difference. It is this awareness and recognition of small things having the ability to lead to bigger things that will bring about change.

Travelling overseas has allowed me to gain an understanding of other people in the world – no matter their culture or race. These experiences have opened my eyes and shown me how lucky I am to have the life I lead. I have taken it with both hands  and tried not to take everything I have for granted and tried my hardest at every opportunity I am given.

Many of my achievements are about how I can help my community as they have helped me throughout my childhood, it has been a chance to give back. I am lucky to have such great support and a loving family which has allowed me to try and experience everything I have so far n life. They have shown me a great deal of love and support and I want to return the favour and help my community and I want to return the favour and help my community – both local in Australia and around the world.

Thank you to the Moyne Shire and the Yambuk community for hosting another great Australia Day breakfast and celebration and good luck to everyone for the rest of 2012.

Congratulations are also in order to HADDAC – the Hawkesdale Action Development Group who also won an award for the Moyne Shire Community Event of the Year. This was awarded for the Hawkesdale 150th Celebration.

Digital Footprint Competition

digital footprint winners

Congratulations to all students from Grade 5 to 8 who participated in the “What Does My Digital Footprint Say About Me?” competition. We recieved some excellent posters, pieces of writing, music and multimedia projects demonstrating a very good understanding of appropriate online behaviour. The winners are shown above, with great prizes donated by Target, Dick Smith and IT Made Simple. Thanks also to Mrs Davey, who did a great job assisting students with their entries and co-ordinating the entry process. The winners are:
Nicky Oosthuizen – Year 5/6 Writing (Target Voucher)
Billy-Jo Parsons-Muskee – Year 7/8 Writing (Dick Smith MP3 player)
Thalia Watson – Year 7/8 Poster ($20 iTunes voucher)
Ben Casey and Luke Gow – Year 7/8 Music (Rap) ($20 iTunes voucher)
Sophie Hines – Year 5/6 Multimedia (Digital video camera donated by IT Made Simple)
Sarah Herring – Year 7/8 Multimedia (Digital video camera donated by IT Made Simple).

GHCMA Education Award


We were very proud of Emily and Chris when they accepted the RMIT University Education Award at the Glenelg Hopkins CMA Environmental Achievement Awards on Wednesday night. This is the second time in the nine years of the awards that Hawkesdale College has been recognised for their outstanding achievements in education for sustainability. The school has identified criteria to assess those which are valuable educational opportunities, meeting student learning needs and curriculum requirements, as well as achieving good environmental outcomes. Successful community partnerships, passionate teachers, effective communication and long-term planning are all essential elements in the achievement of these environmental sustainability projects. The following examples are just some of the learning opportunities our students have participated in:

Youth Environment Conferences
Bush Food, Fibre and Medicine garden
Waterwise Garden
Permaculture Garden with fruit, vegetables and herbs
International Energy Project
Constructing Nesting Boxes
Bridal creeper and Biological Control
Walking trail at the Hawkesdale Common
Port Fairy Rail Trail
Tree planting at local farms and reserves
Threatened species projects
Waterwatch education

Shortlisted in the Edublog Awards 2010

Staff and students have featured well in both the nominations and the short list for nominations in the Edublog Awards 2010. Congratulations to staff and students on this global acknowledgement. Voting has now commenced. Please support our nominees by following the steps below:-

  1. Find the name of the nominee and link to their website (link below category).
  2. Click on the Award category eg Best Student Blogbest student blog
  3. Please find that name on the edublogs nomination site eg Dhugsy for Best Student Blog

1.  Best student Blog – (link to vote for Dhugsy)

Dhugsy – Dhugan’s blog, Year 11 IT

2.  Best Class Blog – (vote for Technoscience)best class blog

Technoscience – Mrs Gow’s wonderful blog for her science classes

3.  Best Teacher Blog

4.  On an e-Journey with Generation Y – a blog by Mrs Mirtschin, that documents the work done in ICT and Accounting with students at Hawkesdale P12 College and…

4. Best Educational Webinar Series best teacher blog

Tech Talk Tuesdays a weekly online seminar organised by Mrs Mirtschin with the support of the Innovations and Next Practise Virtual Web Conference Centre of DEECD

best webinar series

UBS Academy – a great place to spend the holidays!

Studying in a small school, does not prevent our students from experiencing some wonderful opportunities. Here is a great report by one of our year 11 students, Ben M, on his recent attendance at the UBS Academy in Sydney. Thanks Ben and congratulations again on being accepted into this Academy!
The report
In the second week of the holidays, I was one of 22 Victorian students who flew up to Sydney, to take part in the UBS Finance Academy for the week. A total of 50 year 11 students from a range of geographical areas, including Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Gold Coast, Swan Hill, Terang and Coleraine took part in the academy which aimed to give us all an insight as to what it would be like to work in an investment bank like UBS.
Throughout the week we listened to tutorials concerning different career paths. Eg an investment banker. The person who spoke earns $800 and hour, works 16-18 hours a day and is involved in all the mergers and acquisitions between businesses. We learnt how they calculate the value of a business if another company is trying to buy them out. We also learnt a few basic skills and concepts which we later had to demonstrate in our case studies. For the week we stayed at Dunmore Lang College and Macquarie University where we got a taste of what it would be like to live on campus at uni. We also visited the Sydney Art Gallery and the CNBC TV studio. On the last night we had a graduation night in at UBS amongst some of the people who had presented to us during the week. We did a little presentation where we changed the words of the songs ‘tik tok’ and ‘we didn’t start the fire’. ‘We didn’t start the fire’ became ‘we didn’t start the crisis’.The best part of the week was probably the social side and meeting all the different and interesting people there. We all got to know each other fairly quickly and this made the rest of the week together very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend that if an opportunity like this comes up that students take it because it is well worth it.
(Ben M, year 11)