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Hi, I am Anne Mirtschin, a secondary teacher who teaches commerce and IT. In 2007, I am teaching grade 3 through to year 12 IT. My passions include the use of web2.0, podcasting and multimedia including digital animations. I teach at Hawkesdale prep to year 12 College, a small country school in Western Victoria, Australia. This year our school has been granted a rich picture case studies grant where we will work with grade 6 students on pod/vidcasting and the volunteers at the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre to produce podcasts for the centre and surrounding volcanic district, called Kanawinka.

Remembrance Day – the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

remembrance day ceremony

Today the entire school walked to the Reflection Space in the centre of Hawkesdale. A number of community members, including local council member, Jim Doukas, and staff and students from the Pre-School also attended.

The Moyne Shire Youth Councillors capably led the service, which included:

  • Recitation of ‘In Flanders Fields‘ poem
  • A commemorative address
  • Laying of the wreaths
  • Ode to the Fallen
  • The Last Post led into the one minute’s silence, followed by the Rouse.
  • The Australian flag was lowered as Ode to the Fallen was played and raised again as The Last Post was played.

student leaders and flowers

kinder kids

Maker Spaces in our own Backyard!

cubby 2

Primary school children have been busy making all manner of huts and cubbies with natural materials found around our beautiful school grounds. Students have shown spontaneity,  high skill levels and creativity to create wonderful structures that can be ‘lived’ in. Take a look at some of the images below to see this great play time activity.

one cubby

Girls Football

the team

Last Friday saw the VCAL students organise a Girls’ Football match as part of their studies. Girls from Year 7 through to Year 12 formed two teams and under the guidance of two VCAL umpires played an afternoon match. Surprisingly for many, the girls were quite skilled and an enjoyable game was held. The oval was quite muddy after the recent rains and rain fell in the last quarter but this did not deter the girls from their enjoyment and involvement.

Well done to all concerned!

kicking the footy shannon

Melbourne Work Experience

work experience

Year 11 students are currently undertaking a two week program of work experience. The majority of students are working in Melbourne. For many this means exposure to a ‘whole new world’! The city is so different to the country. Students have to be able to self navigate themselves to work catching a variety of transportation – trams, trains, buses and walking. They are exposed to many different cultures and types of food. Budgets are limited so keeping their finances in order is a priority and finding healthy but cheaper eats essential!

There are night activities to undertake – exploring the nature of the Melbourne CBD, ice skating, lighting festivals, public gallery walks in the laneways, the movies, risk taking by going out on “The Edge” at the top of Eureka Sky Deck and so much more.

A variety of work experiences have been organised for these students giving them a taste of what big cities offer, as exposure to a variety of businesses and occupations, is limited in small country towns or rural areas.

Anzac Day Ceremony


IMG_1061Our  ceremony began with our two junior school captains carrying the Australian Flag across the stage, draping it over the steps leading up to the stage and then standing beside the flag.

The program was as follows:

    1. Welcome and introduction by Mr Ralph
    2. ANZAC Requiem (In memory of the Fallen) presented by Ruby and Elektra
    3.  P-6 students, then 7-12 students/staff/parents came forward to lay their flowers on the flag –  symbolic of the beauty that exists in the world around us, and of respect to those who are no longer able to enjoy that beauty.
    4. Sarah  read The Ode (traditional element of every ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremony;They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
      Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
      At the going down of the sun and in the morning
      We will remember them.
    5. Students listened to the Last Post, then observed one minute of silence – heads bowed –  at the conclusion of the Ode)
    6. REVEILLE  was played as heads were raised … note that flags are raised to full mast at this point in proceedings
    7.  Kailyn  – recited ‘In Flanders Fields’ (poetry is another traditional element of every ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremony):
    8. The Classroom Work was demonstrated (see below)
    9. Closing remarks by principal Colan Distel explaining the significance of the Lone Pine and the tree that has been donated to the school by the Moyne Shire


P/1       Mrs Davey                           Poppies … students place on stage Explanation by HARRISON

1/2       Mrs Brown                           Soldiers and writing pieces … class will hold up Explanation by REGAN or TYSON

3/4       Mr Huglin                            Gallipoli mural … class holds up Explanation by class

4/5       Mrs McCartney                   Cardboard wreaths … displayed Explanation by BAILEY

5/6       Mrs Butters                          School Honor Roll; ex-scholars and local

Hawkesdale residents who enlisted in the Great War … students read out individual biographies of those included on the roll; play Thalia Ubergang’s PhotoStory about the Gallipoli Landings

Please listen to the research from our year 5 and 6s


School Anzac Day Commemoration

150 poppies made by the students

150 poppies made by the students

In this centenary of the Gallipoli Landing, our school will hold an ANZAC Day commemoration on Friday, April 24th. The commemoration will be held in the College stadium beginning at 10:15am. Students from a number of year levles will be involved in public speaking at this event and a range of classroom work will be on display during the course of the commemoration.

Students are invited to bring a flower or a posy of flowers from home, to be laid on the Australian flag during the course of our school ceremony. These flowers will be collected following the commemoration and then presented and laid at the Hawkesdale Memorial Hall during the ocmmunity ANZAC ceremony to be held at 6am on Saturday the 25th.

Parents, friends and relations of students are invited to join us to commemorate ANZAC day on Friday, 24th.

The doves have mailed in!

Opening the parcel from Israel

Opening the parcel from Israel

This term Go-Getters grade under the guidance of their teacher, Tyna Lee,  have linked up with a Grade 5 class at Huberman School in Israel. We have been emailing with their teacher, Mrs Hanita Han and decided to have a toy-exchange. This week we received a large parcel from them which included many goodies & letters.

The contents included a huge Israel flag, lots of mini-flags and a giant toy caterpillar. Another of their gifts were some toy doves as a symbol for peace. The Go-Getters class have decided to take turns taking responsibility for the doves. This will include taking them home for a few days and keeping a diary of their adventures. Pupils will write about their lives in Australia and where possible include photographs. At the end of term we will send the scrapbook diaries back to Israel.

go getter

What we learnt from the contents of the box and from connecting with Hanita Hen’s class:-

Logan: they write in different to us

Max: I learnt that the doves were white and not black as I thought

George: that they have different letters in alphabet to us

Emily: they have 22 letters in the alphabet, we have 26

Kayden: what the flag looks like

Adam: I didn’t know the flag was blue

Nigel: I liked the caterpillar

Max: that they write from the bottom to the top and from right and left

Hudson: they right from top to bottom and right to left and that they are the same age as us, mostly.

Lana: There can be lots of war around them

Alice: that Hanita couldn’t find a stuffed dove, so she sent little feathered doves instead with a stuffed caterpillar

Felicity the doves mean peace

Jemima: the houses look different to ours in Jerusalem

Jessie: I learnt where they live – petach, tikva Israel

tom: They have different letters to our alphabet. We saw them on the caterpillar that they sent us

Christmas Plum Pudding Orders

puddings header

It is that time of the year, when our Parents Club and Community get busy preparing and cooking our popular Christmas Plum Puddings. Orders are now being taken for these Plum Puddings. Please fill in the online form below with your orders by Novebmer 18th. All orders are to be collected from the school (ph 0355607225), given to a student or negotiated with either Alison or Marlene from the Parents Group for delivery.

Remembrance Day

The School Wreath

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, our school will maintain a minute’s silence as part of their Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Hawkesdale Reflection centre in the centre of our small town. This  ceremony  will take on special significance as we enter the year of the centenary of the start of World War I. Community members are also invited to attend this service which is organised by the Student Leadership Team and Ms Van Englen and Mr Huglin. The team has met at lunchtimes.

Lunchtime meeting

Lunchtime meeting

The program will be as follows:

  • Introduction by one of the students
  • Recitation of “In Flanders Fields”
  • Commemorative address (Sarah)
  • Wreath Laying by school and community groups/individuals
  • “The Ode for the Fallen” Recitation
  • Playing of the Last Post, followed by the Rouse
  • Singing of our National Anthem

Spring is in the air!

roses and treer
bird aviaryr

The school bird aviary is like a nursery this week with the arrival of baby quail and diamond doves. The bird aviary is one of a number of special clubs and leadership oportunities that have offered students the opportunity to explore special interests. A pathway has been added to the aviary at a recent working bee and a new chook house will arrive shortly.
eggs and chickens

The green thumbs group led by Shannon Drysdale have reworked a section of our garden into a fairy garden and has planted vegetables in the new wicker gardens outside our primary building. Projects like this aim to build on student interest and builds pride in their school.

primary gardenr


fairy gardenr