Pancake Day

Tuesday was Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday.  This is the day before many Christian people commence the season of Lent. A  group of  young students was busy making pancakes in the staffroom under the guidance of Mrs Butters.  Share in their fun!

“When I was a Kid” – Grandparents Day!

As .a pre-event to the Hawkesdale 150th celebrations, our school organised a Grandparents Day. The response was fantastic with a large number of grandparents and parents  who took up this opportunity. Time before lunch was spent in the Library with grades prep to 6, listening to a reading of  the book by Rachel Tonkin “When I was a Kid“.

Then the picturesque country grounds of our school became a picnic scene, parents and students  enjoying their lunch in the school grounds. An enjoyable afternoon was enjoyed with old fashioned tabloid games being played by all. These games included  marbles, hopscotch, hoola hoops, skipping etc.

If you attended this day, we would love you to comment below and tell us what you thought of it. Thank you for coming.

Moyne Youth Achiever Awards – Congratulations to Past Students!

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Congratulations to two of our Year 12 VCE students from 2010 who achieved major awards at the recent Moyne Youth Achiever presentation evening. Read Youth takes Centre Stage

  1. Taylor McKenry
  2. Chloe Burger

Taylor took out the award for for Moyne Male Youth Achiever. He received this award for his academic results in VCE, sporting commitments and community involvement. Here are some of Taylor’s accomplishments

  1. male Hawkesdale P12 College school captain for 2010
  2. recipient of Melbourne University’s Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship
  3. completing his gold Duke of Edinburgh award
  4. maintains the Penshurst football club website
  5. active member of the Minhamite Fire Brigade
  6. winner of the best under 21 player award for Penshurst Football Club

Chloe with an outstanding VCE Study Score was awarded the “Moyne Female Academic Award”.

Well done to both of you. Staff, students and the wider community are proud of your achievements and wish you well for your studies in 2011 and beyond.

Wishing our Community a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

xmas tree 2

The staff and students of Hawkesdale P12 college wish all our readers of this blog a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May the holday and festival period be a safe one for all of you and we look forward to returning to school as staff on Tuesday, February 1st and for students on Friday, February 4th.

(Christmas tree pic at right, created by Ebonie, yr 9, using MS Paint)

Enjoy the wonderful collage that the grade prep/one students completed under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Lee.


Merry Christmas from Prep-One 2010

Shortlisted in the Edublog Awards 2010

Staff and students have featured well in both the nominations and the short list for nominations in the Edublog Awards 2010. Congratulations to staff and students on this global acknowledgement. Voting has now commenced. Please support our nominees by following the steps below:-

  1. Find the name of the nominee and link to their website (link below category).
  2. Click on the Award category eg Best Student Blogbest student blog
  3. Please find that name on the edublogs nomination site eg Dhugsy for Best Student Blog

1.  Best student Blog – (link to vote for Dhugsy)

Dhugsy – Dhugan’s blog, Year 11 IT

2.  Best Class Blog – (vote for Technoscience)best class blog

Technoscience – Mrs Gow’s wonderful blog for her science classes

3.  Best Teacher Blog

4.  On an e-Journey with Generation Y – a blog by Mrs Mirtschin, that documents the work done in ICT and Accounting with students at Hawkesdale P12 College and…

4. Best Educational Webinar Series best teacher blog

Tech Talk Tuesdays a weekly online seminar organised by Mrs Mirtschin with the support of the Innovations and Next Practise Virtual Web Conference Centre of DEECD

best webinar series

Year 7 Melbourne Discovery Camp 2011

This year out Grade 5 students had the opportunity to attend the Melbourne Discovery Centre over three days and two nights full of fun activities and entertainment. Next year, our year 7 students will be participating in this camp and will have the opportunity to vote for the things they would like to see and do. Please complete the following form:

Learning safely online!

Five year 8 students, from Hawkesdale P12 College, were part of an exciting initiative offered by Innovations and Next Practice, DEECD. They worked on a number of aspects of online learning and chose to look at the lack of sleep that many student suffer because they are either bullied or up late using social networking sites. Several online sessions were organised for the students from all schools involved, with Dr Martyn Wilde leading them through some of the current research findings.

A celebration day was held in Melbourne at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) where all students involved shared their projects. The Premier of Victoria, Mr Brumby and the Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike were both in attendance.

The five girls created a glogster, which shares

  1. the movie that they made
  2. an interview with Heather Blakey
  3. a graphed summary of the survey results etc

You can view the glog below, or alternately visit the glog by clicking on this link.

The movie “Life of a Cyber Bully Victim can be viewed below:-

Introducing Malay Customs and Cultures – An eIntercultural Learning Adventure!

Veronica Woo, an innovative teacher from Malaysia, organized an extravaganza two weeks ago. The library was booked so that we could videoconference with skype using the Interactive White Board to project the web  conference. A number of classes from year 6 to 11 were present – a total of more than 45 students and 6 staff members.

Year 11 students from  SMJK Poi Lam School in Ipoh, Malaysia, demonstrated to and treated us with the following:-

  1.  Malay dance performance
  2. Demonstration on how to play ‘congkak’
  3. Demonstration on how to beat the Malay drum ‘kompang’
  4.  Brief introduction of a Malay wedding
  5.  Demonstration on paper money-folding ( folded items are given as Bridal gifts to families concerned )
  6. Ended the web conference with a song!

Three of our year 6/7 students learnt how to dance the Malay Dance by following the Malay girl’s movements on screen. Most students had an Australian paper note to practise folding the paper money.

In turn, our students and staff demonstrated the following:-

  1. a bearded dragon lizard
  2. a pet colourful baby bird
  3. how to play Australian Rules Football (footy)
  4. vegemite and how to spread it on a dry biscuit

It is always great to see that the sharing of objects over the web cam, makes students overcome their shyness, as their curiousity drives them to naturally ask questions about the object.