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Book Review: Wildlife by Fiona Wood

‘Wildlife’ is an amazing novel set during the term at Crowthorne Grammar’s outdoor educational school camp.  Written by Australian author Fiona Wood, the novel focuses on sixteen year old Sibylla, who must learn what it truly means to fit in.

At the beginning of the book, before the dreaded term begins at Crowthorne Grammar, Sibylla goes from being an ordinary, quiet girl to the popular billboard girl who kissed the most popular boy in school, Ben Capaldi. Throughout the camp Sibylla is forced to face the struggles that come with her new found popularity with the help of her new friend Lou.

The novel is funny, easy to relate to and has you really thinking right to the end.

The book’s characters are all realistic and unique especially the characters Lou and Michael. The author has done an awesome job at making you either love them or despise them. The character’s relationships are also believable and interesting especially Sibylla’s friendship with her best friend Holly.

The novel is aimed at more mature readers as some of the language and content is hard to understand.

Overall, the book is an enjoyable and thought provoking story that is likely to entertain most (mature) teenage girls who enjoy romance and drama with a dash of humour.

I give this book a 4 out of five stars.

By Kailyn

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