The Fault in Our Stars

“That’s the thing about pain ……..It demands to be felt.” ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is an eye opening book about teenagers suffering from cancer. Written by John Green,  the novel focuses on a period of time where a depressed girl suffering cancer is brought up out of the shadows by a handsome boy from the support group that her mum makes her go to.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is swept off her feet when she runs into Augustus Waters at her support group in the basement of an episcopal church; they instantly hit it off . Throughout the book both characters encounter some massive highs and some painful lows. There is one thing that brings them close together and gives them a trip to remember, but will one of the events on their trip tear them apart forever?

The book starts with action and it just keeps getting better and better as the events roll on.This book will make you laugh and cry but most of all make you feel inspired.

The characters are very likable and relationships in this boo. Hazle and Augustus’s friend Issac  has also been through a tough time and all together they understand each other. It is magical to read about their realationships and thoughts throughout the book.

The novel has great discriptions so you can picture things clearly in your head. It is a great book for intermediate readers and  teens. I give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars.

By Lucy

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