Alexander Altmann

Alexander Altmann A10567

‘Alexander Altmann A10567’ is a very gripping page turner of a novel. It is set at Auschwitz in the 1940s, a place and time when a commander and other staff of the camp ruled over a large group of children, women and even the biggest of men. Written by Suzy Zail, the novel focuses on the experiences of a 14 year old boy who must survive the tough living conditions of his new home.

After being taken from his mother at 14, Alexander must gain a friend, find enough food and learn all the tricks and tips on how to stay alive. Then he faces a major situation: he has to break in the commander’s horse…. but he only has 12 days to do it.

It takes a bit to get the main idea of the story but once you get the drift you can basically imagine you’re there and you can picture what is happening in your head.

The book’s characters are unique and have very different characteristics. Alexander’s friend Isodoir has lots of handy hints and secrets because he has lived at Auschwitz for longer than Alexander – but Alexander repays him with his knowledge of horses.

Some of the language in this book is in another language and I recommend this book for good readers. There are some violent parts in this book that aren’t for young children and it may be quite difficult for younger readers. It is an enjoyable read with all the twists and turns that Alexander and his mate Isodior face, some good, some bad. This book has a blend of action, description and lots of dialogue.

Overall this book is very entertaining and I even learnt some new things about horses and World War II from this book. It is most likely to appeal to boys and girls in their teens especially those who like horses and drama and books with a lot of things going on and excitement. There are some events in this book that may be disturbing for younger children. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

By Skyla

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