‘Refuge’ is a thought provoking tween novel set on a mysterious island. Written by Jackie French the novel focuses on a thirteen year old boy that thinks he’s found a perfect Australia… but little does he know what he’s really in for.

Jadda (Faris’s grandmother) and Faris have fallen off a refugee ship caused by a huge wave. He wakes up on a warm bed in what he thinks perfect Australia that he has dreamed of.

Although you might think the story is going to get slow there is always something going on to grab your attention.

Faris meets many friends throughout this book and has many interesting relationships with them especially with Billy who bullies Faris by calling him Far Eyes.

Faris also has a lot of other challenges that he has to overcome. He faces the challenge of deciding whether or not he should leave his new friends or go back to Jadda and face the wave once again.

The book has some unusual language and might be difficult for younger readers but it is an intriguing book that I would recommend to other readers. I give ‘Refuge’ 4 out of 5 stars.

By Kyle

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