Day 7: Universal Studios and Flight Home.

Girls at Universal Studios on Sentosa Island

Girls at Universal Studios on Sentosa Island

After a very active night, Day Seven started with a well earned sleep in, we packed our bags and organized our rooms. After we were all organized we proceeded to the MRT where surprisingly enough none of our tickets caused us hassle. We proceeded to the mono-rail which would take us to Sentosa, the glamorous island that was home to Universal Studios. We all split up into groups and briskly walked to the first ride we saw. There were many rides, one of the best was the “Revenge of the Mummy”. It was an indoor roller coaster that reached high speeds and dramatic twisting and turning. Universal studios has many different sections with different themes which makes it interesting. Once everyone had finished having fun on the exhilarating rides we went through the shops and and got many souvenirs and gifts for not only ourselves but family and friends as well. We left Universal Studios at 4:00pm so that we could arrive at City Beach Resort at 5:00pm. Arriving at the hotel at 5:00pm gave us plenty of time to have a shower and get changed. We left the hotel that we had been staying in for the past week, just a bit before 6:00pm. When we arrived at Changi airport we spent some time looking around and having dinner. At 7:30 we checked in our luggage. For the next few hours we wandered around the airport, amazed at the shopping and scale of the public places.

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