Day 4: Guest Speakers, Community Outreach and Excursions.

Today the students in group B of the conference had to wake up at six o’clock for breakfast and the students in group A had a little more time to sleep in. The group B students went to the science centre in the morning to listen to speeches about Water for life, waste management & Asia waste watch practices, whilst group A students went on a field trip to either Marina Barrage/NEWater Plant, Semakau Landfill or the Incineration Plant and vise versa in the afternoon, followed by team discussions about the environmental problems in our local areas and then a door knocking activity to sign people up for a competition of who can save the most electricity by turning off certain household items when not in use.

The speaker Mr Terence Kam, the secretary of the T-Net Club at the Taman Jurong Management Committee and recipient of the PUB Watermark Award in 2012, spoke about “Water for Life”. He showed us a lot of pictures of dirty Singapore streets and rivers in the past and told us about how far this city has progressed and how Singapore manages its water sources.

Mr Paul Tan Hang Meng, the Chief Engineer of the Private Waste Facilities at the National Environmental Agency, shared with us his knowledge of “Waste Management” in Singapore and how their recycling system works.

Dr. Mitsuko Watanabe, founder of the Kamakura Citizens Forum, talked about how waste is managed in Asia and her experiences in shaping Japan’s environmental protection policies.

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