50th Reunion of Hawkesdale High School

Current staff outside the old school bus!

What a busy week it has been! The 50th Year reunion of the Hawkesdale High School was a significant event for our school and community, and was an exciting day of celebration for all involved. It is estimated that up to 800 people passed through the school and/or attended the reunion dinner last Saturday, and there were many stories shared, friendships renewed and memories recalled.

The school grounds looked fantastic on the weekend, and special thanks go to Steve Stewart and Alison Cameron for their considerable gardening and tidying efforts in the weeks leading up to the event. A commemorative cake was also created for the event, and the cooking and decorating ability of Leanne Edwards was greatly admired as reunion visitors sampled the cake at the evening dinner.

This was a day of many parts, and thanks go to all those who volunteered their time to make this event a great success. It is important to recognise the vast amount of work that Anne-Maree Huglin put into organising the reunion; she began contacting past students and teachers at this time last year, and in the intervening twelve months created a range of reunion resources including a Facebook page, extensive photo archive and a reunion book containing contributions from 200 past members of the school. Congratulations Anne-Maree!
The reunion generated lots of interest in time capsules that have been buried around the school at different times in the past. A capsule from 1985 was opened on the Friday before the reunion in front of the whole school, and its contents examined with interest.  Coins, needlework samples, drawings, student profiles, photographs and newspaper cuttings about what life was like in the district and at the school in 1985, with several current students getting to see the work that their parents had placed in the capsule when they were about the same age were discovered.Items are currently being collected to place in a 2013 time capsule, which will be opened by future school students in 2038; both capsules will be placed in the ground near our flagpoles in the next few weeks.

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  1. Just the best weekend, will never forget it. Thank you for all your hard work Anne Maree

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