Australian Seismometers in Schools Program


Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Michelle Salmon and her colleagues from the Australian National University and the University of Melbourne to the school. Their mission was to install a seismometer, which is an instrument for measuring local, regional and distant earthquakes, up to 6,000 kilometers away. We were one of 42 schools chosen from across Australia to host this equipment, funded by the Education component of the AuScope Australian Geophysical Observing System. The main aims of this project are to:

  • Increase community awareness of earthquakes
  • Raise awareness of seismology and geoscience as fields of study
  • Promote science as a possible career
  • Provide tools and resources to assist in teaching physics and earth science in schools
  • Provide real-time, research quality data to the seismological community

Teachers will be able to use the data obtained with students and also arrange class presentations from the AuSiS researchers via Skype or Blackboard Collaborate. You can ‘Like’ the Australian Seismometers in Schools page for more information about the program or check out their website at Australian Seismometers in Schools.

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