Junior CFA

This week, year 9/10 CFA students learnt how to draw water out of a dam using a fire pump  to fill a tanker. This is a necessary skill in fighting fires in country areas. The students were undertaking this exercise at a fire dam at the back of Hawkesdale. They were placed in groups of four.

Local CFA members were in attendance to help teach these skilsl with two trucks in attendance. The pictures tell the story!


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Hi, I am Anne Mirtschin, a secondary teacher who teaches commerce and IT. In 2007, I am teaching grade 3 through to year 12 IT. My passions include the use of web2.0, podcasting and multimedia including digital animations. I teach at Hawkesdale prep to year 12 College, a small country school in Western Victoria, Australia. This year our school has been granted a rich picture case studies grant where we will work with grade 6 students on pod/vidcasting and the volunteers at the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre to produce podcasts for the centre and surrounding volcanic district, called Kanawinka.

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