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We were very proud of Emily and Chris when they accepted the RMIT University Education Award at the Glenelg Hopkins CMA Environmental Achievement Awards on Wednesday night. This is the second time in the nine years of the awards that Hawkesdale College has been recognised for their outstanding achievements in education for sustainability. The school has identified criteria to assess those which are valuable educational opportunities, meeting student learning needs and curriculum requirements, as well as achieving good environmental outcomes. Successful community partnerships, passionate teachers, effective communication and long-term planning are all essential elements in the achievement of these environmental sustainability projects. The following examples are just some of the learning opportunities our students have participated in:

Youth Environment Conferences
Bush Food, Fibre and Medicine garden
Waterwise Garden
Permaculture Garden with fruit, vegetables and herbs
International Energy Project
Constructing Nesting Boxes
Bridal creeper and Biological Control
Walking trail at the Hawkesdale Common
Port Fairy Rail Trail
Tree planting at local farms and reserves
Threatened species projects
Waterwatch education

3 thoughts on “GHCMA Education Award

  1. Well done! Britt, Emily and Chris and all the other students and teachers who might have been involved. What a proud moment, but deservedly earned. Do you have time to tell us a little more (briefly) on some of the reasons we won the award?

  2. Hi Anne,
    I am having a little trouble with the blog this morning – it has been difficult to post dot points and some text is not saving. I have had to post straight into HTML. Have you had any difficulties lately?

  3. Hi Britt, No, I have’nt had any problems of late. About to write a post on our linkup on Friday with @herzwords, the author from New York. So shall let you know.

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