Playing by the Rules – Social Media Survey

Four students from year 9, Chloe, Indi, Jess and Rachel are working on a project in conjunction with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Melbourne Football Club called Digital Demons. Their aim is to write a code of conduct for elite athletes to use to guide their behaviour when using social media. They will also be learning about how young people can play an important leading role in encouraging appropriate online behaviour.

They will use this survey to find out what the community thinks about social media and the role it can play in our society. They hope to establish an understanding of community expectations of students and elite athletes eg AFL footballers, when using social media.

This survey should take 5-10 mins to complete. We would love you to complete this form.Thank you, on behalf of the students for taking time to answer their questions.

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Hi, I am Anne Mirtschin, a secondary teacher who teaches commerce and IT. In 2007, I am teaching grade 3 through to year 12 IT. My passions include the use of web2.0, podcasting and multimedia including digital animations. I teach at Hawkesdale prep to year 12 College, a small country school in Western Victoria, Australia. This year our school has been granted a rich picture case studies grant where we will work with grade 6 students on pod/vidcasting and the volunteers at the Penshurst Volcano Discovery Centre to produce podcasts for the centre and surrounding volcanic district, called Kanawinka.

3 thoughts on “Playing by the Rules – Social Media Survey

  1. Great questions here girls – you have provided an excellent opportunity for thoughtful consideration of appropriate online behavior. I hope all our students and teachers take the time to complete this survey and we look forward to the results with interest.
    This Digital Demons project ties in nicely with the “What does your digital footprint say about you?” competition this term. I hope you will assist Mr Keith, Ms Regan, Mr Grey and Tony Richards from IT Made Simple to judge the winners in each of our four categories – writing, artwork, songwriting and multimedia. There are three age groups (5/6 and 7/8 and 9/10) and prizes for each category in each age group. Prizes include iTunes vouchers, mini microphones, Target Vouchers and more. Entries due on the second last Friday of term3 and announced at the final assembly.

  2. School doesn’t start for us until August 30, but I’d love to have some of our 7th graders participate in the survey. Will it still be open for the first week in September?

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