Toys from Siberia!


Russian Toys

Grade 5 students are excited about two new toys that they have been sent from their ‘buddy’ school in Siberia. The school in Russia is Abanskaya School. (see how they start the school year!) It is in the town of Aban, which is in the Krasnoyarsk region, right in the middle of Russia. The group that we are working with are from the English speaking group. It is assumed that it is a group of students who do English as an elective. The school, like ours, has students from 5 to 18 years.  Our students are writing to students who range in age from about 8 to 12.

Read the letter that accompanied the toys:-

Dear friends,

Now we have summer holidays. Summer is not very long at our place, so we enjoy our hot days, swimmin and other outdoor activities. We sent you these toys. One of them is a tiger. Its name is Tigrenok. There are a lot of tigers in Russian forests. We hope you will like this little tiger and make friends with it.

The other is Cheburashka. It is one of the favourite cartoon characters. You can find some information on the Internet. If you press his body, it can speak and sing a song.

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